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Blessing Candles

Learn how to bless a candle for magical rituals of drawing and banishing.

11 Responses to “Blessing Candles”


    Watched your candle lesson of the black and white one also how to anoint /bless then. Thankyou! Texted you Marianne for help with spiritual hinderances and strange mist and awhite light that blinks in my home. In the life there has and remain people who pray against me and I’ve found things outside of my property loosen from the rain and dirt,buried. I saw a long strand of hair, protruding out of the dirt after my neighbor Vernetta Davis left my side window knocking on it instead of my front door. Moved in 2008, and she has been very sttange. How do I find out and remove rrthose out of my life wishing and hexing me and my children? God bless dearly. This is stressful!!!

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you for your comment. this is a complex issue, what you have found – it will require proper disposal, a clearing of your home and the remaining energy. remember intension is everything and that you have the power, with the help of the holy spirit, to change everything. if the remains of this curse are unearthed, there are many things you can do to neutralize the curse. do you still live in the home where you discovered the strand of hair protruding from the yard? is this person still your neighbor? do those who pray against you live with you? remember that love is stronger than any dark energy and archangel michael is a very powerful protector. until i hear from you, open your bible to psalm 91 and keep it open to that psalm, read it aloud. once i have your response to my questions, i can better advise you. in the meantime, have faith in the holy spirit and call upon archangel michael for protection. he will keep you safe. i will look for your response.

  2. Kristen says:

    Hi Marianne,
    You always tell me to ask questions so that I understand the purpose. I watched the video on blessing non-double-action candles. I just did a spell last Friday to draw friends (I really need to expand on having a greater friend base). Here’s what I did…
    1) Cleansed the candle in fresh sea salt & rosemary for three nights.
    2) Set up the altar with needed tools such as oil, candle, gemstones, etc (in my case it’s not a permanent altar)
    3) Called on Archangel Michael to provide protective and sacred space.
    4) Faced north, imagined white light flowing down through my head & spreading out through the rest of my body & then cast circle going counterclockwise. As you know I’m in the Northern hemisphere.
    5) While still facing North (though I’m not sure if South is better for friendship spell) I dressed a 4″ pink chime candle with blessed oil. While doing so saying, “I bless thee with what’s good, holy, right & true”.
    6) Called on a few goddesses & gods to hear my prayer.
    7) Conducted the spell, let the candle burn out. Relaxed a few minutes.
    8) Thanked the goddesses & gods for joining me.
    9) Lifted the circle again going counterclockwise.
    10) Thanked Archangel Michael.
    11) Cleaned up. There was only a tiny piece of wick left so I dropped it in a crossroad about 60 minutes later when able.

    Here’s the rub. When I dressed the 4″ pink chime candle, I had the wick end facing me but I rubbed the oil from the bottom end up to the wick. I didn’t realize I had to do a 1/2 & 1/2 rub of oil. I’m unclear as to why the 1/2 & 1/2 technique since it’s not a double-action candle. Intention was very strong & I felt good about remembering to cast & lift counterclockwise & all the steps. But I did the blessing of the candle incorrectly.

    On a side note, what if doing a spell but it’s not necessarily clear as to whether it’s for drawing? If you know it’s not for banishing but just not certain it’s for drawing? I wish I could come up with an example but am not at this time?

    Is the spell now null & void? Should I re-do?

    Is a waxing moon & a Friday the most opportune time to do such a spell? If so, I will have to wait another 30 days. But, I’d rather wait & have all the variables lined up in my favor than rush into it. For example, I know not to do a drawing spell during a waning moon.

    With all the reading I’ve been doing, I still get confused as to what it means to raise & release power. Is that the same as imagining the white light flowing down through the head to the toes & then when lifting, seeing the light going into the ground? I always feel like I’m missing the raising/releasing of power when I’ve done a spell.

    If raising/releasing power is something different when exactly are each done? Before casting circle, before lifting circle? Etc.

    Lastly, after casting the circle I don’t believe I expressed the purpose of the spell. Is that vital? If so, is it done before calling on goddesses/gods/saints or just after calling on them to hear the prayer?

    As always, thank you.
    Blessed be,

    • magic says:

      hi Kristen, everything you did was good except you don’t cast the circle until you have dressed and set everything on the alter the way you need it to be. right before you light the candle or start the ceremony is when the circle gets cast.

      since this spell was to have more friends, it is a drawing spell. you are drawing friends to you.

      you already realize the 1/2 & 1/2 technique for dressing non-double action candles.

      the spell is not null and void – remember intention counts the most. you could re-open sacred space by calling upon AA Michael and ask him to correct everything. then thank him and call for a time roll and space ripple. close sacred space and that corrects that.

      if the spell is not for drawing or banishing, you dress the candle using the 1/2 & 1/2 method.

      i don’t use the days of the week as a lot of magical people do. i use the moon cycles. if the moon is waxing, it is a time of drawing. full moon is manifestation. waning moon is decreasing energy and dark moon is for banishing.

      you will be confused when you do research. that is because every magical person has a unique way of doing things – there are a lot of opinions and methods. i go by way of congruency; that is, i go with the ancient ways, not the new stuff. the ancient ways are congruent across the board. these include the american dowsing society and the order of the golden dawn and the incan philosophies and the ways of the ancient kahunas, the native americans and the samurais. i also follow old family magical traditions as well. study, learn and accept nothing as “the one and only way,” until it makes sense. the ways of the ancients go according to the philosophy of nature and religion being one. so expect to be confused as you begin, but as you understand more and more, you will know when you read something that is in conflict with the laws of nature.

      you always prepare everything, then you cast the circle when you are ready to start the ritual.

      you do not have to express your intention, you can keep that in your mind and heart; however, there should be no inner conflict, you must have heart, mind, emotions, body all in sync with your intention, that makes the magic unstoppable. and we never dominate others, that makes the magic dark and dark magic is weak. we always walk in the light.

      remember magic takes time, so be patient with it. it is an art.

      many blessings, Marianne

      • Kristen says:

        Thank you Marianne, and so I will cast circle after blessing the candles, etc from now on. Ugh!

        Also, I’m not sure if the other questions posted or not. I’m not at my home computer and it didn’t indicate whether it was awaiting moderation.

        I know I mentioned to you about casting a square inside the circle for a communication spell. The directions don’t say whether to cast it counterclockwise or clockwise. (However, since the author tells us to cast circles clockwise & lift counterclockwise, I suspect she’d say the same for squares or triangles).

        In that spell I cast and lifted the square counterclockwise. Is that what you would recommend?

        Also, can you explain what it means to raise & release power? Is that the same as casting/lifting?

        Thank you,

        • magic says:

          hi Kristen, i just answered the rule of thumb to cast and lift – you always cast counter clockwise for the northern hemisphere and you lift a circle, literally lift it with your will. you lift it until you can’t imagine it anymore, you lift it to the center of the universe. the terms to raise and release power mean to conjure the energy and to let it go. it takes time to get the terminology and you are doing a very good job, learning so much! many blessings, Marianne

  3. Kristen says:

    As you look through the steps above, are they in proper order and is anything missing?

    Thank you!

    • magic says:

      hello! so good to hear from you. i am a bit behind in responding to the email and will get to that very soon. things here are good, thank you for asking – just got very busy! i will look for your email! many blessings, Marianne

  4. Kristen says:

    HI Marianne,
    I have another question. I know I had told you about the communication spell in which I had to cast a square inside the circle. The directions for that spell don’t say whether to cast a square (or triangle for that matter) counterclosckwise or clockwise and then which way to lift it. What do suggest? And for lifting?
    Thank you,

    • magic says:

      hi Kristen, the directions will never explain how to cast or lift. think of it this way – if you are baking a cake from scratch, the recipe might state, “cream the butter and sugar,” but the recipe will never explain what that means – it is assumed the individual knows. i remember the first time i heard of this instruction when i was a young lady learning how to bake, i did not know if meant to add cream or if i was supposed to churn my own butter. it is a learning curve. here is the rule of thumb for the northern hemisphere: cast counter clockwise and lift up. i will be uploading a demonstration of how to do a simple ritual very soon. i had you in mind when i made the video. many blessings, Marianne

  5. Kristen says:

    PS. Yes I fully understand white vs black magic & as a strong believer in karma, I do not wish to bring harm to anyone!

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