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Charge Crystals with Sound

Using sonic instruments, learn how to charge up your crystals, raise their vibration and awaken the quartz with this simple and effective method which employs singing crystals or diamantinas.

2 Responses to “Charge Crystals with Sound”

  1. Kristen says:

    Hi Marianne!
    I recently purchased a variety of small crystals. I am in the process of cleansing via sea salt & rosemary. However, in term of charging, I just watched your video and I do not have diamantinas. I do, however have both citrine and a piece of kyanite. Can I use those and if so, how? Also, how long does one charge? In the sun? Moon?

    On a separate note because I cannot find anything on your site, I am in need of a money spell and some of the spells suggest doing it when the sun and/or moon is in Taurus. So, I’ve been online reading and reading and reading (as you know by now I tend to thoroughly read up on things – maybe that’s my Libra coming out) but cannot find anything about when either of those situations are occurring. All I can find is what it means in terms of emotions, etc when your sun or moon is in Taurus. I’m confused.’
    Thank you so much as always.

    • magic says:

      hi Kristen! diamantinas are only one method to charge up crystals. as you pointed out, using the sun or the moon are excellent ways to charge up a crystal. if you are going to use the celestial bodies, make sure you research so that your intention is congruent with the sun or moon. for example, tomorrow is the winter solstice – blessed yule to you – and charging a crystal in this energy is using the lowest energy (in the northern hemisphere) and a promise of a return to the light. you can charge a crystal by compressing it – squeezing it in your hands or if bigger, hugging the crystal to your heart. the compression helps to wake the crystal up. you can charge a crystal sonically, if you do not have a diamantina, by using a singing bowl, ting shi bells, and other sacred sounds – even toning will charge the crystal. the purpose is to wake the crystal up so it becomes aware of you, its environment and ready to accept work – it is like powering up your computer.

      the money spell – your question is excellent! earth signs are always good for money – capricorn is a very good sign for a money spell because capricorn climbs! taurus is also earth and very practical. yes, you certainly do your homework when it comes to research, which is excellent and, as you know, very important. you can use a double action candle for money spells..that would be a 1/2 black and 1/2 half green candle. you would dress it, cast the circle of salt and light the black end first, so the black would burn any blockages to your receiving money and the green would draw money to you. and it is ok if this takes time. the optimum way to do this spell would to burn the black part during the dark moon and the green part during the waxing moon. i would throw the remains into the stream or river that leads to the ocean. if you don’t have a river, i would bury the remains in a safe place. when you bury the remains, bless the ground first – sprinkle some holy water on it and a pinch of sea salt, only a little bit of sea salt is necessary. don’t bury it in a grave yard, bury it in a place where things would grow, not die. that would be the simplest spell to do. it is always a pleasure! blessings of everything good, including prosperity!

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