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Whale Fossil Inner Ear – How To Use

Using the fossilized inner ear of a whale can improve your clairaudient ability. When you learn to use the fossil by these simple techniques, your psychic ability to hear messages will be increased.

8 Responses to “Whale Fossil Inner Ear – How To Use”

  1. Hello, someone recently gave me one of the whale ear fossils as a gift which I treasure. Can you tell me where these are found? And from what whale species they are from? Thank you!

    Teresa Wagner

    • magic says:

      hello teresa and thank you for your most welcomed comment. the inner ear bones found today are probably from a sperm whale that lived during the Miocene Epoch, 20 million years ago. many are found in the pungo river marl formation, beaufort county, north carolina, usa. i found that information from surfing the net, so there are most likely other places where these inner ear fossils are found, like fossilized shark teeth and other oceanic fossils. what a fabulous gift to receive; i always believe that the crystal finds its keeper, so having this come to you as a gift means you were destined to work with it; if not already, expect your clair-audient skills to really develop and listen for these messages! many blessings.

  2. Chris Dunn says:

    Hello Marianne and all energy seekers. I am a scuba diver that finds these amazing fossils in some of the rivers in SC. The cooper river has long been a source for these fossils. I have collected quite a few of these over the years and I have a couple of favorites in my private collection. When you hold one for the first time it is amazing to see the resemblance of our own ears. I have just began working with mine so I will report back on my experience with these fossils. If you are looking to purchase your own please look at my website http://www.underpressurescuba.com under what we sell and you will be able to find some great specimens. Thanks Marianne for your lesson and for the opportunity to post here. Chris

    • magic says:

      thank you, chris, for this interesting information about the whale inner ear fossils in the rivers of SC. yes, the energy from these specimans is incredible and does resemble the human ear; helping us to tune in and hear our inner voices and guidance. thank you very much for offering your web site as many people have asked where to purchase the whale inner ear fossil. how exciting that you actually find these specimans and have the opportunity to hold one before it picks up the energy of gem shows and market places. thanks for sharing this with us. lotsa love and light, marianne

      • Alberto says:

        Dear Marianne do you feel like it would be a good thing to place the fossil on the front- 6th chakra in order to open the third eye/intuition? Because to me it looks like an earth crystal, that is root chakra. And Therefore i am a bit confused what chakras it activates. Thank you for your fascinating advice and new insights on how to use this amazing tool.

        • magic says:

          excellent question! all crystals come from the earth and we are anchored to our earth mother through the root chakra and up the spine. so much of this work is intuitive and i would encourage you to proceed according to your impressions on this. it makes a lot of sense to me to use this at the 6th chakra because that is the chakra that recieves impressions. i like to rub the inside of it when i need to “hear”. that is how i like to work with it and sometimes i will put it up to my ear. i like your idea of placing it on the 3rd eye and allowing impressions. you might want to rub or compress it with your hand first to awaken or energize the fossil. the cool thing about a fossil is that it has the energy of the creature and the whales carry the sonic clearing in the ocean, they cleanse the water element with sound and that is why seasalt is such an amazing energetic cleanser, it is crystalized sound from the dolphins and whales. it would be very interesting to place this stone on your 3rd eye and see/hear the messages because i suspect this will open you up to a healing energy you could channel to help yourself and others. this is a very good idea. i would be interested in what you learn if you would be willing to share this. many blessings of everything good and holy and right and true.

  3. Russ Johnson says:

    I bought my wife 13 of the whale inner ears yesterday. She sleep with them last night like a mother hen. This morning she said she dreamt that she was a whale and diving deep was scary but very peaceful. She can’t stop “playing” with them. She seems to know that they carry history and wisdom, and will work for that connection.

    • magic says:

      what an excellent example of making a deep connection! this is so important to connect to the crystals and fossils and when we do, the wisdom of the ancients opens up to us. thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience. good that your wife continues to be with and connect to these pieces because the more she does this, the greater and deeper the rapport and connection will grow. thank you so very much for sharing. many blessings of everything good!

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