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Crystal Wands How To Use

A crystal wand has many functions: open and closing portals, invoking energies and dieties, sending and recieving energy, and more. In this short video, you can learn how to wield a crystal wand for the highest good.

8 Responses to “Crystal Wands How To Use”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi There, I am really interested in your videos only recently discovering them. Just a quick questions I was wandering if there was any specific chant you say before using, a crystal wand. Just a general saying which you recite before use. Any feedback will be great appreciated, thank you so much for your videos learning allot from them.
    Many Thanks 🙂
    Blessed be

    • magic says:

      hello! what a great question and a very important point you bring up. before i do any magic, i call in sacred space. i like to work with archangel michael, so i ask him to guide, guard and protect me in all dimensions and directions and to summon the angels of light. when i am done, i ask archangel michael to close sacred space. sacred space is the holding of the intension and a fundamental to magic. you can call upon any protector or diety of light according to how you believe, but it is important that before you begin to make a rapport with an unseen powerful worker of light because the work is multi-dimensional and you always want someone protecting you. thank you for watching and for your comment. much love and peace. blessed be.

      • Tom says:

        Thank you very much for you reply! I created a blessing similar to the chant you used in this video and called upon the angels of light for my covens circle yesterday and something strange happened. One of the members who can see spirits and energies, unaware that the chant I had said was calling upon the archangels of light she said that a extremely tall male with a cloak on was stood watching over us and I assumed perhaps it was one of the archangels! I’m not too sure but it was a great experience and I just wanted to thank you again. Blessed Be 😀

        • magic says:

          it is wonderful when we get results! when we call upon the archangels of light and ask for protection, the experience is positive. if ever something comes in during your sacred circles that you do not want, ask the angels of light to upgrade your sacred space to a higher level faster than it can be tracked in all directions. that is a good technique to have available. it will be interesting to learn if this being is present again and maybe, if it is appropriate, to have the seer inquire who this one is and why they are present. maybe there is a message. blessings to you and your coven.

          • Tom says:

            Yes indeed 🙂 I shall deferentially let you know if anything else happens if thats okay 🙂 Once again thank you very much and blessed be. Keep up the great work ! !

          • magic says:

            thank you; i would be very interested in knowing. thank you for your comments and for watching. blessed be.

  2. My question is for healing. Using Lemurian crystals, or healing crystals. Is there any form, or saying, that must me used? Do you start from the crown head? Say a family member suffers with fibromyalgia. How would you use a crystal, such as a, Lemuraian one, to heal them? Thank you for your videos, I enjoy them so much. I especially love the cleansing one, with course sea salt, and rosemary. Would you recommend doing that with a new crystal that someone buys? Thank You!

    • magic says:

      Fibromyalia is a chronic condition and with chronic conditions, i have discovered the cause to be an energetic pattern that is lodged in the astral and other subtle bodies. I am finding success in removing these patterns by working with the dreamweaver. your comment has inspired me to write a book on how to successfully do this. it is necessary to identify the patterns or blockages the person has. the physical body is a reflection of the subtle bodies – therefore, if a manifestation of chronic illness occurs in the physical body, by addressing the subtle bodies, often the chronic condition can be relieved and healed. Fibromyalia is layers of these stuck energy patterns in the astral body. these are often other lifetime issues that the person may have already cleared; however, the astral body is still holding the memory. to begin to peel these layers off, have the person make a list of patterns…for example, “i never win; everything hurts; everyone is mean to me; things are hard; life is not fair; there is never ending debt” these type of issues, the person has tried to clear and has no success. the first step is to list these. identifying is the first step. i will work hard to get this book released and i will make an announcement when that happens. it is a process and i have found if the person is able to correctly identify the list of energy patterns, healing of each pattern results. it is the carrying of all these patterns that causes the fibromyalgia. of course, paying attention to the physical body – not eating GMO food and drinking plenty of good water, getting proper exercise under doctor’s supervision is a must. these are stuck energy patterns that are making the person stuck. yes, i would recommend cleansing every crystal, including the new ones that come into your keeping – it is a must! blessings of everything good! marianne

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