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Project Lemuria Who Will You Be

By law of quantum physics, we are magnets drawing effects to us.  What we imagine may be created.  With the upcoming earth changes, we are proposing a project where we collectively and consciously create this society.  We are encouraged to put ourselves into this dream and make it a reality.

26 Responses to “Project Lemuria Who Will You Be”

  1. Kim says:

    I am a lightworker and have been contemplating what future I wanted as well. I saw myself being a part of a community or society that allowed free expression of abilities not really acceptable in this time frame. These abilities would allow “clean up” of the earth (dump sites,etc). The ability to recreate natural settings where they have been destroyed. And finally -understanding and travel of space and dimensions. You have wonderful videos. I am so happy I found you. I will be contemplating this more seriously from here out.

  2. magic says:

    Thank you for visiting and for your fabulous comment. Cleaning up Mother Earth is definately a nobel and necessary project. Thank you for your participation! New Videos are posted regularly and we hope you visit again! 🙂 Blessings of Love and Peace.

  3. Tania says:

    i would look after nature, after trees and animals and planting vegetables. When i think of what i want or in-vision to be, i see my self planting tomatoes and talking to them lol,don’t know why 🙂

  4. magic says:

    hi tania! thanks for your comment! plants have spirits, so makes perfect sense to me to talk to them! blessings of love and peace!

  5. Kayla says:

    There are many things I would feel drawn to do but my heart resonates most with healing the planet and all those who require healing on any level. I also feel called to teaching children and providing them with a firm grounding in spirit, energy, healing, crystals and aiding them in developing their own gifts.

    • magic says:

      what an excellent energy you bring forth! healing mother earth is so necessary right now! and teaching the children to develop their talents and gifts. What a beautiful message. Thank you so much! Blessings of Love and Peace!

  6. Jon says:

    I would like to be a healer of people and the Earth. I have a very strong connection to the Divine Feminine, and honor all of Her forms as well as the forms of the Divine Masculine. If there was a position maybe as a spiritual guide or healer in a Temple or something that would be amazing. I also am well rounded in nature magic and rituals and would love to incorporate that into my work.

    • magic says:

      thank you for your comment. a position as a spiritual guide and healer working in a temple would definately be something necessary in a lemurian society. excellent that you work with nature and help to heal our earth mother in a balanced way that recognizes the sacred feminine and sacred masculine…you bring up such a valid point, so many work only with the forgotten feminine and forget about balancing it with sacred masculine. often, the sacred masculine is forgotten (fire and air magic) because both masculine and feminine have been abused and when we get to the divine, both are necessary and sacred. thank you so much for bringing this up. many blessings of love and peace.

  7. Anna says:

    I’m so glad I found you ! Your classrooms
    Are great and very inspiratiional …thank you !
    like to be a spirituall healer in Lemuria

    • magic says:

      hello and welcome! thank you for watching and feel free to visit underworldclassroom anytime! we need spiritual healers, so your intention is perfect! many blessings, marianne

  8. I would be a healer for animals, I love animals! All kinds wild and free or domestic, animals that are of service to us and our beloved pets. I would have a beautiful sanctuary for them where they could heal spiritually and physically. I would like to combine this healing with children that could be healed by being around the animals. There would be forests, beaches, beautiful and serene places for all to enjoy. Animals give me peace, I want to help them in return, they are my ‘miracles’ . Love your videos, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to imagine such peace and healing. I wish I were there right now! Time to hold my Lemurian crystal and meditate on this 🙂 Peace and love xoxo

    • magic says:

      that’s brilliant! absolutely hold onto your lemurian crystals and meditate on that high vibe loving dream! i love animals, too, all the animals! wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was no fear, if we could pet a wild animal or feed it and it would have no fear of us or us of them. i love nature as well…the forests, the beaches, i love your dream! keep dreaming it because we can manafest a beautiful planet with loving thoughts and loving energy. i am so glad you put this comment here because we need people, like yourself, to meditate on this to create such a loving world! lotsa love and light to you!

  9. Melanie says:

    I would really enjoy being a parent in Lemuria like I am on earth. Its such a wonderful blessing and indescribable feeling of love holding your baby for the first time :).
    As a parent you get to be a bit of everything healer, teacher, farmer, caregiver, protector, guide to help them find what it is they want to be when growing up and even being a student yourself learning so much as you go as well. Any kind of care giver to help children would be an honor.

    • magic says:

      ah, this is a most nobel and important position and you are so right! as a parent, you get to do it all, including passing on wisdom to the future generations, like the ancient wise ones! thank you for posting your comment on this project! many blessings of love and all that is happy! 🙂

  10. el says:

    i would be the entertainer i will be the communicator of love through music, and movement. Art, beauty and lyricism will be my medium. I will have and inspire true love. We will all be free, compassion will me a way of life and there will be abundance for all. Magic will exist and our psychic abilities will be incredibly heightened, our earth will be healed and we will each attain happiness.

    • magic says:

      the arts are so important and you raise a necessary part of society and call us all to higher levels of being! you speak about what has been forgotten and what is needed more than ever! thank you so much for your contribution! many blessings of love and peace.

  11. I’d like to have a sabbatical and commune with the critters in the woods … thank you for such an inspiring website … Hatter 🙂

    • magic says:

      that is wonderful, hatter! we need to all take a lesson from you….communing with nature is connecting to the divine! that is how we are inspired and magical…and how dreams come true! thank you so much for reminding us all about that! lotsa love and blessings, marianne

  12. Mark Joseph Middleton says:

    I have been considering rebuilding Lemuria. When i say that it may seem lofty, but understand I mean one small piece at a time. So a small item on my window ledge, a small feature outside, progressing upward to towers, tripod in shape reaching up.

    Designing the settlement in the shape of a torus or spiral to better work within the harmonic nature of existence, which moves in these shapes. Certain modern day cities use different shapes, but none seem more intelligent to me then a spiral like the golden mean, your finger tips, a flower, a snail shell or the galaxies above your head. – All in the golden mean/fibonnacci measurements, as that is how nature unfolds. Daniel Winter would state this is how harmonic fields are generated which are naturally healing by their nature.

    The indecision I face however is twofold:

    1, Where to build it.
    2, Should we use the English name, or redefine our own symbols as letters for their own energy. Almine has downloaded the latest lemurian sigils which might be a starting point.

    • magic says:

      you are so right – rebuilding lemuria one small piece at a time and all we have to do is remember. seems you are working on the essence of lemuria, which is a wonderfully brilliant place to begin and very necessary. the spiral will create the movement or expansion of its unfolding process. we can open your questions to others who visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ – these are excellent things to ponder. i think we may begin building lemuria in the imaginal realm, start with imagination, which is what you are already doing! it’s a good place to begin. are almine’s downloads available on a web site? the vibration of lemuria would definately be effected by the name. other names for lemuria are mu or the mother land. i believe these have certain vibrations; however rebuilding lemuria is definately necessary now and we must remember. this is fabulous that you are already working on the essence! thank you so much for this. many blessings of everything good, marianne

      • Mark Joseph Middleton says:

        Greetings I am still on track amassing physical resources and knowledge, it will kick up a gear in about 3 weeks for me.

        Almines Downloads, I don’t know how practically usable they are yet, but they possibly might replace the old angelic sigils we are currently working with, to form more of a spiral pattern.

        Will give you the progress – These are also given in song, returning man’s voice.

        If you want the old templates.

        This material in the link above is the old initiation to many of the mysterium’s, innerstanding the way the universe is built so to speak.

        Of course the biology of Kundalini

        The study of the tree of life or the torus based maths are other routes to the same thing :D, if you want those links let me know. Marko Rodin for torus maths is fantastic if you have a mathmatical mind. Some days I feel like I have had a degree course or 3 in spiritual science when I look back at all these gifts.

        Hope we can connect anyway, feel free to email me at the address in this post. I also often post here:


  13. Aliene says:

    I would be a teacher in Lemmuria. I find it self rewarding when I help others to understand the misunderstood.

    • magic says:

      this is a necessary position – so much has been misunderstood and misinterpreted! when we find the job rewarding, we know we are on the correct path!!! thank you so much for participating! we are creating a new reality! your mission is very important in this and will help people to evolve. love, light and peace to you, marianne

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