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Connect to Your Crystal

Once you have cleansed and charged up your crystal, now it is time for you to really connect deeply with your crystal.  Your crystal has a pulse, a heartbeat, if you will.  You can electromagnetically connect to your crystal using your own heartbeat and the crystals pulse with this simple, yet very effective, technique.


8 Responses to “Connect to Your Crystal”

  1. Lynn Avery Blankenship says:

    Just found your site, love it! I am a 43 year old , married female, I work full time as a County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, where I live in Kentucky. I grew up in Connecticut earned an Associates Science in Early Childhood Ed; then a Bachelors Science in Child Family Services Child Care Mgmt, from SUNY Plattsburgh and most recently a M.A.E in Adult Education from Western Kentucky Univ. I am a certified basic Yoga instructor and have published a 5 lesson series curriculum on the mind body connection with simple deep breathing, meditation and stretching techniques as well as esercise safety and stress awareness activitties – through the University of Kentucky Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Service.

    I hand mine quartz crystals annually in Mt. Ida Arkansas with my husband and we collect a wide variety of minerals and semi precious stones. I utilize minerals and crystals in and around my home, in my gardens for the clarity they inspire; and for meditation and healing. I also recently received the first level Reiki attunment from a Grof method master.

    I found your short, clear and direct tutorials to be very informative. Thank you so much! Namaste~ Lynn

    • magic says:

      greetings, lynn, and thank you very much for visiting underworldclassroom. i have heard of the amazing crystals and minerals in arkansas and hope to one day visit and perhaps mine. it must be wonderful! the crystals are calling to us and ready to participate in bringing more light to mother earth. your background is extensive and with your talent in working with crystals will raise the vibration on the planet. excellent idea to grid your garden! thank you vor visiting! many blessings of love, peace and everything good!

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful videos. They are very informative and inspiring!
    I simply love your collection of crystals! They are beyond lovely! I hope to have one or two someday, in my collection, that are as spectacular as yours.

    Many blessings to you!

    • magic says:

      thank you for watching and visiting underworldclassroom. it is said that the crystal finds its keeper, so your crystals are looking for you already! 🙂 you will know and by your intension, your crystals hear you already. blessings of everything good and wonderful!

  3. kaye says:

    i just had a question:
    i tend to feel more energy in my left hand but i am right handed should i let the energy flow the same way?

    • magic says:

      hello, what a great question. you are guided by your inner intuition. i would say to try both techniques, allowing the flow both ways and then pick what feels right to you. what i present is guidelines and the guideline basically says, let the energy flow from the dominant hand to the non-dominant hand….if it feels right to flow it the other way for you, then it is right for you. it is important to be consistant with understanding stuff like portals, then there is not a whole lot of wiggle room. but connecting to your crystal is a personal thing and there are many ways to connect, the fact of the matter is to make that connection to your crystal, that is what matters! i am so glad you asked this question, always follow your intuition, it never ever lies! lotsa love, light and blessings to you!

  4. lewis says:

    Hi Marianne I have just started with the crystals and found your site thank you for ever thing . My question is does it matter what size your stones are the one I have are small. I feel good energy. I notice you re are very big..
    Thank you

    • magic says:

      this is such an excellent question!! the size of the crystal does NOT matter whatsoever. think of it as a computer – a microchip can hold a ton of data – size has no mattering when it comes to crystals. big or small, sometimes the smaller ones pack a bigger punch!!! blessings and thanks so much for your important question.

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