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Pendulums and Chem Trails

Pendulums can be used to not only measure and find things, but also to change energy.  Raymon Grace, a very skilled dowser, has developed techniques, outlined in his book, Techniques that work for me, to change the energy of things.  These techniques can be applied to water, people, mass consciousness, and the spirit world.  Can we use his techniques to banish Chem Trails? An experiment is proposed as a method to do more, using Raymon Grace’s techniques, to get rid of Chem Trails.  If this speaks to you, let’s try and do something more about this situation. Channel Touchstonevibrations has more on Raymon Grace.  Also, for more on Raymon Grace, visit www.raymongrace.org for his book, Techniques that Work for ME, that describes in further detail this technique to change energy.  The dowsing society, www.dowsers.org has the book, by Walter Woods, A Letter to Robin, a mini-Course in Pendulums.  Walter Woods is interviewed on channel Holosticinstitute. Thank you.


10 Responses to “Pendulums and Chem Trails”

  1. James Oudvoure says:

    Excuse me ma’am, how exactly would these pendulums “banish” the “chem tails” that aero planes apparently release? On a related topic what exactly do these “chem trails” do? And shouldn’t we be capable of detecting the chemicals that they are apparently composed of, or at least have observed their effects?

    • magic says:

      hello. these are really excellent questions….the pendulum is a dowsing tool and raymon grace did a body of work demonstrating how energy can be transmuted with dowsing instruments. remarkably, after studying with the indigenous peoples of northern Canada, raymon grace developed techniques to cleanse water with pendulums. incredible work, he has contributed to society. the short answer is that pendulums measure the movement of energy and by directing the energy consciously to transform the chemtrail, you can watch it disperse – much like the effects orgonite (where the resin compresses the energy of crystals) has on chemtrails. there is so much controversy on what exactly is in chemtrails ranging from aluminum to block out solar flares to the spread of microbes to the control of weather in junction with the HAARP weapon. most likely, no two chemtrails are alike and probably have a concoction of all sorts of particles. I think the verdict is out on why chemtrails are sprayed and of what they are composed. the use of a dowsing instrument has a visible effect, when properly applied, on the disbursement of chemtrails. such an interesting topic. thank you for your comment.

  2. dany says:

    i have problem with pendulum dowsing , when i first to buy pendulum for 3 days it was very accurate and told real answer but after that i received most wrong and inaccurate answer
    i don’t know what the problem , i cleans it with sage and full moon and pray before ask but not received accurate answer and my question is very clear but still not received correct answer
    i try with another pendulum but it’s same and answer is wrong and lie
    would you please show me way that i received accurate answer ?
    for example i want to start new business and i want to know and ask pendulum is this person is cheater or not
    or for lost things or
    or pendulum board is not show correct word it’s show a b c d e and not received any message from it it’s only play on circle
    but i want to receive accurate answer
    do you know how to get real answer
    is there any thing , that if i have it then i received correct answer ?
    i try some book but not help
    i hope that you guide me clearly
    thank you

    • magic says:


      these are excellent questions. dowsing is an art and it does take practice; however, you should be getting correct answers.

      the american dowsing society has some valuable information and their link is:


      i do not know what technique you are using, but a very good book from which to learn is called “A Letter To Robin” and here is the link to the on line book:


      these techniques, if used consistently, should give you the correct result every time. it is called “A Letter To Robin” because a lady named Robin wrote the American Dowser’s Society on numerous occasions about how to use a pendulum and the advise offered to her was made into a very useful book. excellent reference material!

      if this does not work, you might be using unbalanced pendulums. pendulums must be properly balanced in order to provide you with accurate information. here is a reference to a man who sells balanced and inexpensive pendulums:


      this should correct the problem with using a pendulum. please let me know how you make out with these sources.

      many blessings, Marianne

  3. dany says:

    thank you for all your information and time
    i read letter robin and other information but i think there are a problem because i received inaccurate answer or mostly when i want to use pendulum board message i don’t receive any information from it , the pendulum only play on the word and change the position and i don’t know why it’s play and don’t tell any accurate information

    i have question would you please tell me when you want to dowsing then what do you do ?
    how do you start with pendulum ?
    what do you do before and when you want to ask a question ?

    another thing would you please tell me about another dowsing tools like Bobber or L-Rods ?
    would you please tell me is Bobber or L-Rods better tools for find better and accurate answer ?
    thank you

    • magic says:

      hello. good you read the letter to Robin. when i begin to dowse, i let the pendulum swing back and forth from the 1:00 position to the 7:00 position. then i ask my question. if the pendulum swings north and south, that is a yes. if the pendulum swings east and west, that is a no. it is a basic yes or no question that the pendulum responds to. try practicing that until it feels natural.

      the bobber is a very easy instrument to use and you might like it better. it is not portable like the pendulum is because it is large; however it is simple to use. it is more sensitive and reacts quickly. you might like using a bobber.

      the L-Rods are good to find water and lei lines in the earth. these are more difficult to use.

      sometimes, if you want the answer with any attachment to it, it gets harder. it is important to let it happen and have no concern about the outcome. if you think, “am i doing this right?” “am i making this move?” or things like that, it will make these instruments more difficult to use. it is important to just relax your mind and allow it to happen. i know if i am not relaxed or if i have concerns about the answer, it makes a blockage to the instrument functioning correctly.

      i hope this is helpful. be patient as you learn because these instruments are intended to work with the subconscious mind and if the conscious mind gets in the way, it makes the experience frustrating.

      thank you, Marianne

  4. dany says:

    but i still have problem
    i don’t know is there any negative energy that block correct information
    i pray and use sage but not very effect
    another thing is there any safe and specially Incense that if i use it when i use pendulum or divination that i get correct answer ?
    if yes please tell me what is the name and brand name and please show me the link

    and is there any tools that if i have it when i use it then i get correct answer from pendulum ?
    thanks again

    • magic says:

      using a pendulum is an art and it takes practice and patience. you could try burning tree resins of black copal, white copal, camphor and pine. that combination gets rid of evil. you can get it at luckymojo web site. you will have to burn it on a charcoal. but that combination is very effective for purging the environment. i think you just need to practice and it will become more and more consistently right. it also takes letting go, relaxing, blocking out everything else but the answer with no attachment the answer. if you want the answer to be a certain way, it will also interfere with the outcome. so you will need to be in divine neutrality. i hope this is helpful. luckymojo has authentic tree resins, so it is a good place to get these. many blessings, Marianne

  5. Gavin says:

    question about pendulum type
    there are many pendulum type like isis pendulum or crystal or brass pendulum , so i need your advice , which one is better i know this is tools but do you know which one is better ?
    because someone told isis is self clear and no need to clean is this true ?
    which type is better easy and accurate

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you for your most welcomed question! there are many types of pendulums and the most important aspect to selecting a pendulum is balance. get a balanced pendulum. Raymon Grace offers pendulums from his web site and his are inexpensive and very good. after you become skilled with using a balanced pendulum, you can even make a pendulum from a paperclip and string. also, a pendant and chain can serve as well. All tools you get will need to be cleansed. The type of pendulum is not important, what matters is the balance of it; then once you are skilled, you can craft a pendulum from almost anything.

      such a great question.

      thank you and lotsa blessings, Marianne

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