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Morgan-Greer Pentacles

This video is an introduction to the Pentacles Suit of the Pips in the Morgan-Greer tarot deck.  An overview and brief interpretation of the cards is presented.  There are many interpretations of the cards based upon the deck and the reader. This overview is what I was taught and I wanted to share it.  If you have other interpretations, please feel free to share your knowledge in the comments. Many blessings of goodness.  Thank you for watching.


2 Responses to “Morgan-Greer Pentacles”

  1. Nicole says:

    What exactly is a tarot card, my dear?

    • magic says:

      that is such an amazing question because the history of tarot remains a mystery. the tarot cards are pictorial representations of energetic experiences that we encounter in life. the order of the golden dawn produced two prominant decks: the rider waite and the morgan greer. there were other decks that came out of the order of the golden dawn, such as the crowley deck, but the two main decks used are those mentioned. a person would seek advise from a skilled tarot reader. the cards would be shuffled and placed on a table. the skilled reader would interpret the symbols according to the layout of the cards and provide the questioning peprson with advise or possible outcomes. nothing is written in stone, so anyone getting a reading has the power to change the outcomes by will or choice. tarot has its origins in egypt and the middle east and the tarot deck was popular in the renaissance period. the wealthy people used the major arcana because those cards had more artwork involved. the playing cards of today include the court cards and pips of the tarot deck. to answer your question, a tarot card is a pictorial representation of an energetic experience one has in life. these experiences may vary from success to complete distruction, understanding that for something new to be created, something is usually distroyed. each tarot card has a unique energy and symbolism that includes astrology, elemental magic, directional magic, archetypal magic and more. the collective cards: major arcana (archetypes), court cards and pips compose the tarot deck. your question is so good because many scholars have pondered this very point and bodies of books have been written about the mysteries of the tarot. thank you so much for this valuable quesiton. love and light!

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