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Nuummite – The Empath’s Stone

Nuummite is a mineral mined in Greenland, 3 billion years old.  Nuummite creates an electromagnetic field around the wearer, therefore shielding the empath’s energy field.

9 Responses to “Nuummite – The Empath’s Stone”

  1. Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I
    could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Laurence says:

    Great! I love Nuummite its the first crystal I ever picked 😀 You have such a great crystal collection and I love hearing your knowledge about them it is invaluable! How much did you spend on your nuummite skull?
    Love and Light Marianne

    • magic says:

      how wonderful that a nuummite was the first crystal that found its way to you! you must have a deep connection with the ancient memories of empathic skills this stone has to teach. I never spend a lot of money on my crystals, most find their way to me as well. I don’t remember the exact price; however, I do remember it was a very reasonable find. I think most crystals, no matter how spectacular, will find their way to us and even if they are pricey, we will be offered an opportunity to purchase the crystal for an affordable price. it always amazes me how many times that has happened for me. I really believe crystals find us. thank you so much for bringing this up. lotsa love, light, and all that is good.

  3. Morgandy says:

    Just curious as to where you got the pronunciation of Nuummite from – it sounds like you are saying it ‘new-oom-ite’ but I’ve always heard it as newm-ite, as it’s named for Nuuk, Greenland, which to my understanding is pronounced similar to ‘nuke’ but your source may be better informed than mine! 😉

    • magic says:

      that’s such an excellent question – although the mainstream pronunciation would be as you describe; the magicians who speak an oral tradition and teach these mysteries do so in a language called, “of a different breath,” where it creates a pause between vowels and within that pause magic may be tapped or altered – it is a between of things that connects us to the all of things. it is like riding a 2 wheeler bicycle – it has to be experienced as a whole, rather than analyzed – an abstract expression of what others have referred to as the liminal, the gap, the between. if it is spoken as it was in the ancient times before the written word, it puts one into an altered state – when the sorcerers of old spoke this way, they were able to walk between the worlds, cloak themselves, weave realities – instantly. it takes a bit of practice, but has a connection to the beyond by means of the between of things. it is such an excellent question and very astute of you to pick this up. thank you so much for asking – it just connects us to very ancient ways. many blessings of everything wonderful! Marianne

      • Morgandy says:

        Thank you for a very comprehensive and interesting explanation. This is quite intriguing to me – if you have time and it’s no problem for you, can you give me any other examples? This would help me process and internalize this concept a bit more.

        • magic says:

          absolutely! examples always help us to better understand. one example that is alive and well today is the Hawaiian language – all of the vowels are pronounced, in fact the Hawaiians actually describe our western speaking as “of a different breath”. there are 5 vowels and then many variations of the combinations of vowels and 12 consonants. the beauty of this language when spoken not only gives the speaker a different breath pattern than what the western world is used to, but also, those who listen will experience a primal awakening. it speaks to the ancient, very ancient ways, where language is sacred. I hope this example is helpful. blessings of all that is good, Marianne

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