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Trigonic Record Keeper

Trigonic Record Keeper Crystals are a special type of record keeper crystal.  Record keeper crystals are those crystals with one or more perfect triangles, pointing toward the tip of the crystal.  When there is an indented triangle pointing downwards and embedded in a record pointing upwards, that is a trigonic record keeper crystal.  Open both records, always from the base of the triangle toward the apex, and you will find these crystals are useful for astral travel, remote viewing, shamanic journeying and puzzle solving.  This is an example of liminal travel.


2 Responses to “Trigonic Record Keeper”

  1. Rod says:

    Hello Marianne
    I find you and your crystal knowledge very interesting
    Can you tell me where you purchased these Record Keeper Crystals
    My crystals are way smaller than yours, so I am thinking they aren’t the correct
    type of crystal needed.

    THank You for Your Time

    • magic says:

      hi rod,
      thanks so much for visiting http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ and for your excellent question. i purchased my crystals from gem shows and from ebay. if you buy from ebay, make sure the vender has excellent feedback so your crystals are genuine. also, some venders might not understand what the crystal is; for example, some might call a recordkeeper a generator crystal, so study the formations. also, some venders are not aware of the formations, they are just selling crystals and finding their rightful keeper, which is fine, just important for you to know this information. ebay is great for learning because as you look at the pictures you will learn by these examples. the size of the crystal is not important because some of my smaller crystals pack a big power, too. spheres have an infinite number of points and make excellent tools from which to work. the best part is that the crystal finds you! you will be using these smaller crystals to support and open up the new ones you are drawn to and ready to use. thanks so much for your question. blessings of everything good, marianne

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