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Energetic Dna Upgrade Preservation

To preserve the DNA ascension upgrades, many people are detoxifying the body, eating properly and exercising. DNA upgrades may unravel if you are exposed to too much stress, poor diet, drug/alcohol abuse and toxic environments, toxic relationships and toxic food.  To preserve the DNA upgrades, an energetic maintenance of these upgrades employing the use of crystals to back flush and recharge the chakra centers is presented in this video.  This will detoxify the charka centers and rebalance the energy bodies.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PREFORM THE SPIN OF THE CHAKRA CENTERS CORRECTLY OR THE ENERGY BODY MAY BECOME COMPRIMISED.

If you are a healer, please master this technique first before attempting this on a client or patient.  To back flush, the spin is down the left side of the body and up the right side.  To recharge the chakra, the spin is up the left side and down the right side of the body.  Energy flows from the blunt end of the crystal to and out of the point.  Use single shards, generators or double terminated crystals for this technique.  Also prepare a negative energy container such as a bowl of coarse sea salt or a crystal that will absorb negative energy (infinite) and a crystal to transmute, such as citrine or kyanite.  Please note that I referred to the kyanite crystal as a citrine, the crystal in the video is a kyanite.


10 Responses to “Energetic Dna Upgrade Preservation”

  1. Robin Karlsson says:

    Greetings with love and light!

    I do a similar clearing like this every morning but I’m glad you shared a few simple methods to enhance the process when necessary, thank you!

    I’m curious about the (order of the) colors of the chakras that you display. Most charts, and what I resonate most with myself, is throat – (clear) blue (sky), third eye – indigo (dark blue, night sky) and crown – violet. Perhaps you could be so kind as to expand further on your progression in this video.

    Then the “sparkling white” is for me the area around the head, “guru sphere” as I like to call it, which connects back down to the root on all sides of the body and through the spine like a trickling waterfall.

    Another major chakra for me is the one in the chest between heart and throat, where the sound “mmmmmmmmmmm” resonates if you let it ring. It’s the color of aquamarine and it connects to the highest realms through a great pillar of light if you let it and have it cleared properly. Perhaps this could be of use to others!

    Blessed wishes,

    • magic says:

      hello Robin!
      thank you for your comment and questions! good that you are doing a similar meditative exercise daily; it is very important to do a bit of maintenance on the DNA upgrades we receive. I agree with you regarding the colors of the chakras – that is, they correspond to the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet for root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown respectively. you could also add light to each which would bring these colors to: pink, peach, cream, chartreuse, turquoise, lavender, and viola.

      also, there are two more chakras with DNA upgrades: one between the heart and throat for the expression of love called the thymus chakra, as you mentioned and the color of this would be aquamarine; and one at the base of the skull called the skull-base chakra and the color would be pale steal blue or icy color. each chakra does have a musical note or sound associated with it. Also, there are more chakras, 1 below the feet which penetrates the earth and 5 more above the head, where the top chakra would be our primary connection to our higher self. once we are able to achieve the perception of higher self from the 13th (or 15th counting the additional 2 chakras of thymus and skull-base chakras).

      the pillar of light, as I understand it, would be the tube of light which connects the chakras to make the circuit – this pillar extends through the 13th/15th chakra to the higher self, then up to upper realms toward 9th dimensional mastery and beyond. through this pillar is the tunnel of light so many speak of when having a near death experience, or NDE.

      you raise an excellent point about the development of new chakras and the tube/pillar/tunnel of light through which we may have out of body experiences and transcend from 3D reality. this is such important information you raise and it is good to be aware of these related features. One very good exercise is to bring the consciousness to the chakra above the head – a good daily practice for out of body travel.

      Thank you so much for bringing this up – very valuable information.

      Many blessings of everything good, Marianne

      • Robin says:


        Thank you so much for the additional information you provided in your reply.

        What you describe about the pillar of light makes sense. To me it’s now always present and connected to the thymus chakra to work as an incoming channel of love and VERY high vibrations of light and information/upgrades. But normally I keep it tilted so that it only connects to that specific chakra, because whenever I let it touch my third eye my conciousness leave the physical world and if I align it through all of the chakras that makes it possible to leave the body completely just like you describe.

        I normally let the “guru sphere”, as I call it for some reason – you can compare it to a halo which draw it’s light and power from the first (but also the other) chakra(s) above the head, connect the circuit through the body. I find that this gives a strong and unified body and mind which is still settled in 3D-reality. Very useful in everyday life.

        Blessings of light!

        • magic says:

          Hello Robin! I love the information you are sharing! incredible. what you are describing, your ability to easily leave your body and the incoming channel of love through the thymus chakra – you are describing the ability to trance channel and I believe you have the talent and gifts to do this with elegance and share information that would be extremely helpful to others. are you already doing this? if you can align that pillar of light to the above head chakra, and go out of body with the intention of allowing a high level being of light to speak through you, and in sacred space with protection of light, you would be very effective as a trance channel. have you considered doing this, if not already? many blessings of everything good to you, marianne

          • Robin says:

            Greetings with love and light and all things beautiful!

            I’m glad to hear that I’m able to provide useful information to someone as knowledgeable as yourself, namaste.

            Yes I believe I’m able to trance channel, and I’ve sort of done it in the past a handful of times. Mostly on my own, to let someone higher up “stretch their legs” in a physical body and/or to do some work here in 3D-reality. When it comes to transfer of information though I usually stick to “regular” channelling as I currently don’t feel I have enough experience, mentored guidance (in this realm), knowledge about potential consequenses and support to properly clear them (in this realm) to trance channel. Plus I don’t feel I have anyone around who would be receptible to that kind of information, even less so to utilise it or even handle it. Therefore I normally use myself as a “filter” to plant seeds with people every now and then, but I’m very careful with whom I talk to or work with in these matters. I don’t feel I’m ready to, or can afford to expose myself much, …yet at least.

            Blessings of light!

          • magic says:

            hello Robin,
            I think you summed it up beautifully….”yet” but you will be when you least expect it – the receptive individual will present themselves. in the meantime, what you are doing is a great service to humanity, planting seeds of light. you may want to study a bit about sacred space and perhaps deepening a rapport with an unseen angel/deity with whom you may work and have an agreement with to protect you while you are out of body and channeling in the future. Archangel Michael has always protected me very well, but this is a personal choice. that might help prepare you for what is to come. I get strongly you will be trans-channeling in you mission here on earth. There are many ways to call in or cast sacred space. When you are ready, you could ask the universe to present you with what you need to accomplish this mission, but of course, with grace and ease and in the appropriate right divine timing for your highest HAPPIEST good! we don’t want any trauma or speed bumps! Thank you so much for your most welcomed comments. I so look forward to your channeled messages in the future! Many blessings of love, light and everything good, marianne

  2. Robin says:

    Dear Marianne,

    I’ve included the skull-base chakra in my daily clearing for the past 2 months now and I can tell that it’s closely associated with the pineal gland (I had to look up the anatomy of the brain to figure out what was located in there).

    Of course there are now pieces of information on the importance of the pineal gland in regards to work of light coming in from various places (synchronicity). Do you have any information regarding the uses and “abilities” of the pineal gland that you can share to help enhance my experience and development?

    Also, I’ve been reading some works by Alberto Villoldo, who seem to be well respected (and pure enough) in the field of Shamanism, and his journals tells how clearing during healing, and suspension of chakras during death rites are done in a counter clock-wise direction by the Peruvian shamen. I’ve not seen any indication that the direction should be from the clients perspective on the table. I’ve strictly followed your directions in this video, and they seem fine to me. Do you have any light to share on this contradiction?

    Blessings of the highest love and light to You!

    • magic says:

      hello robin! always a pleasure! good you are practicing…the pineal gland is the gateway to the mystical other, doorway to star nations and to the inner kingdom…it is your personal stargate or mill system. takes you right to the source of all that is and all that you are….it is good to exercise it and there are many methods of exercising the pineal gland…you can meditate upon this gland and see it spinning in your mind’s eye, but do not engage your facial muscles while doing that…spin it one way, then the other and bring each color of the rainbow to it, finishing with indigo, then lavender…light mixed with indigo….the subconscious mind understands that and it exercises the gland and keeps it from going into atrophy. do not use fluoride or artificial sweeteners as these damage the gland. i respect the work of dr. Villaldo – he made it his life’s work to study elemental sacred space and he went to directly to the incan nations to bring this knowledge back to us. here’s the tricky part…everything you read about his work that involves clockwise and counter-clockwise must be reversed because he studied in the southern hemisphere. according to the dowsers and ancient teachings, in the northern hemisphere, clockwise opens a portal; in the southern hemisphere, clockwise closes a portal…notice when sacred space is cast, a clockwise motion is used when calling in the directions…so to do this in the northern hemisphere, you would start in the south, but go to the east, north, then west….etc. so no portals are opened….your question is an excellent question…from the perspective of you being in your body, to backflush the chakras, the motion would look counter clockwise….finishing with clockwise….if you were above the body, the motion is clockwise to back flush and counter clockwise to finish. yes, this video demonstrates this technique. the Peruvian shaman are opening the chakra centers to allow the spirit to leave the body during death rites – remember in the southern hemisphere it is opposite from what we would do in the northern hemisphere. so death rites in the northern hemisphere would be in a clockwise direction. this is a very confusing matter and it took me years of practice and patience…if you follow the diagram in the video, it hopefully clears this matter up….this is why it is so important to understand fundamentally what is happening and you asked a very important question….thanks so much. lotsa love and light, marianne

      • Robin says:

        My dear Marianne,

        I am once again humbled by all the seeds you’re able to plant and sprout with me. Thank you!

        The whole CW and CCW now makes sense, thank you so, so much for sparing me lots of headache! I just found your video on the subject as well, even better!

        I’m now looking forward to many wondrous sessions learning and utilizing the tools that are slowly coming to me.

        Sending you many happy returns and blessings of love and light!


        • magic says:

          hello Robin! thank you so much for your kind words! I am thrilled that this is helpful. the CW/CCW can be extremely confusing depending upon perspective and hemisphere, so it can be confusing, but once it clicks, it clicks!!! blessings of everything wonderful! marianne

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