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Scepters – Lesson 5 – Scepters & Basic Psychic Surgery

This is lesson 5 in a series on how to use quartz crystal scepters.  Please view the video series lesson 1-4 and the Q&A before viewing this video because this knowledge is cumulative.  Please refer to the “Crystal Scepter” Topic for these videos or go directly to:  Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3,   Lessons 1-3 Q&A and Lesson 4.

Please understand this video is only a very basic and fundamental overview, at best, of psychic surgery.  Before attempting this on yourself or anyone, please understand how the energy flows and read the recommended material outlined in lesson 1.

Also, please understand there are many other methods to psychic surgery and I am presenting only the method I employ.

10 Responses to “Scepters – Lesson 5 – Scepters & Basic Psychic Surgery”

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello Marianne!!

    Wonderful videos! I’m very happy you are back with more beautiful knowledge and lots of information,my question is, can I use an amethyst scepter?? Because I understand you said “quartz” scepter but I don’t know if that includes amethyst, and also my amethyst scepter has a little bit of matrix blocking the end of the thin part of the rod, should I cut that off? Thanx a lot! Hugs, love and light for you!

    • magic says:

      hello! hello! absolutely yes!!! use your amethyst…amethyst is a variety of quartz. amethyst is very protective and also increases psychic ability, so by all means, use your amethyst scepter! do not cut the end off…it came to you this way and the little bit of matrix blocking the end of the thin part of the rod may act as a directing device to keep the energy more focused. meditate with the matrix part and you will get ideas….I love this question because every crystal is unique and this little bit of matrix might have information for you or can be used for a specific function…I love crystals in their raw state – the uncut state helps us to better understand more about how the crystal wants to work with you. but do keep in mind that crystals that get cut and polished – that is part of their evolution, too…I get yours is meant to be used in the way it came to you! thanks so much for asking and for your kind compliments! many blessings of love, light and peace, marianne

      • Patricia says:

        Thank you very much Marianne!! hope to see more videos, this is so exciting!! I want to learn more and practice a lot!! you are my favorite teacher!! blessings!! Paty

        P.S. I love the tarot videos too, they allowed me to see so many different facets and meanings of my cards!! wonderful!! 😀

        • magic says:

          you are most welcome! I am so happy these videos are helpful! your comment is motivating me to prepare more videos. is there any particular topic you would like to learn about? blessings of everything wonderful! thank you so much. love and light, marianne

          • Patricia says:

            Hi Marianne!!

            I would love to learn more about working with angels (specially Michael who has been contacting me recently in so many ways) Protection from psychic attack, working with lemurian seeds, working with tabby quartz (got myself a beautiful and very special ENHYDRO/TABBY/ELESTIAL/RAINBOW QUARTZ), and I’m still bumping into so many interesting crystals, I would love to send you pictures some day so you can tell me what you think about those beautiful pieces!! Here in Mexico we have beautiful and very special crystals, hope I can show them to you some day!! Sending you so much love and light!! Paty

          • magic says:

            hello hello! thank you so much for your kind comments and suggestions. i will definitely do more videos on psychic attack, what an excellent idea! thank you for that suggestion! i will also add to the list lemurian seed crystals, tabby quartz and elestials – enhydros are very special, so you are helping me to create a new list that i am sure other people have questions about as well! thank you so much! you may send the photos of your crystals via the contact button – that will go to my email. i love looking at pictures of crystals!! yes, Mexico has some very special crystals – crystals from Mexico have a very special charge to them! Sending you love, light, goodness and joy, marianne

  2. wendy says:

    I love chrystals…once while lying on my bed after mediating with my chrystals….I began to remove them from my body…. and began placeing them in a bowl…next to my bed…the room was dark…a chrystal roll off the bed into the bowl with the other chrystals…the entire bowl. lit like the sky…during a thunder storm….

    • magic says:

      What a fascinating experience! Crystals often do respond to the elemental forces. I would not be at all surprised if your crystal was elementally charged during that thunder storm by the thunder beings – during such a storm, the elements are alive and present – the lightening represents the fire element – the rain represents the water element – the sound of thunder represents the air – and the particles in the air washed by the water represent the earth – your crystal definitely wanted to participate in this elemental event and made the earth element present to you! i would think you could use that crystal for elemental magic! this is an ancient magic. for more on the elements, please see the videos: 4 directions and 4 elements http://www.underworldclassroom.com/2011/01/4-directions-and-4-elements/ and incan sacred space http://www.underworldclassroom.com/2013/01/incan-elemental-sacred-space/ under the fundamentals of magic at http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ . thank you so much for sharing this exciting experience – this shows how alive and present our crystals are and yours is speaking to you! much love, light, peace and joy, marianne

  3. Ezamee says:

    Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

    • magic says:

      thank you so much for your kind comment!! please feel free to visit underworldclassroom and to ask questions and leave more comments! so happy to have you on board! welcome!
      many blessings, Marianne

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