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The Metaphysician’s Library Part 1

This is part 1 of the recommended books.  As per request, the basic books in any metaphysician’s library are presented.  Please add books you would to recommend in the comments.  In the comments, please remember the title, author and brief description of the book.  Please note: there are 3 parts to this video. Thank you.

Lessons: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

2 Responses to “The Metaphysician’s Library Part 1”

  1. warren says:

    Greetings! I ran across your youtube video. And I. Found your video very informative. I’m. An light worker in training for the last 2years and I’m also a practicing dowser. I just need some advice on a delima I’ve been experiencing for the last year… I’ve been gettting attacked electronicly if you not familiar with this type of attack the attacker use high tech equiptment to harrass the victim.. by wifi cell phone cell phone towers the affects are voices in the head altered invents electronic spells and curses. I’ve worked with a few light workers and some cases the attacks slowed down but just won’t go away I dowse the negative energy oit of the aura the energy go away and come back. Is it any advice to fix my self permanantly from these attacks/ I ordered a money spell from a site which tricked me in to believing I was getting a money spell and tied me up in a energy web.its info on these type of attacks on youtube mind control attacks v2k it the type of attacks this group of people are performing..if you have any advice using crystals to combat I will gladly be thankful nameste

    • magic says:

      hello! hello! what you are describing is a valid form of psychic attack – it is called “wand and board technology”. nuummite is a very good stone – the best form of protection from this is orgonite. it is a man made material from resin and crystals and certain metals. you could wear a pendant and put this in your home and you will feel a big difference. the black stones are also very protective, black tourmaline, sheen obsidian. these will also help….now also ask yourself why you are attuned to this frequency…you may have an implant and these are easy to get rid of. go into sacred space and be still and ask AA Michael, the real AA Michael, to remove it. be still for 10-20 minutes, you will feel it gone. ask for voids to be filled with light and a full decord from this situation. then ask for all contracts and allowings to be burned in the flame of the Holy Spirit. now ask for new contracts to be written that will be for your highest happiest good. ask for an attunement to the realm of freedom and light. sometimes in past lifetimes we allowed ourselves to be attuned to something that is not good and it stays with the soul until we remove it. ask for any consequences for making this prayer to also be cleared. also ask for all energetic patterns in the subtle bodies related to this to be removed and to have energetic patterns of receiving signals from the light to be put in the the subtle bodies. whenever we remove something a void is created, so we want to fill it with something good. this should correct the situation. then wear your protective gems. this should relieve you from this trouble….also, when you watch videos, put up a shield spinning counter-clockwise if you are in the northern hemisphere and clockwise for southern hemisphere….you should be fine after this. the dowsing is a very good idea, it just takes maintenance…since you are being called to step thing up, i think some new doors psychically will be opening for you…what a blessing…lotsa love and all that is good.

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