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Auralite 23 – The Star Being Ascension Gem

The Auralite 23 mine in Canada produces the rarest varieties of Quartz found to date. These crystals and specimens display a multitude of different color varieties often embedded with a complexity of metallic inclusions. Assay sampling has indicated high concentrations of copper, chromium and nickel, all of which are associated metals in platinum & gold group elements. Recent research has indicated the following elements may also be present in Auralite 23: Titanite, cacoxenite, lepidocrosite, ajoite, silver, covellite, hematite, magnetite, pyrite, goethite, pyrolusite, iron, limonite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, gialite, epidot, bornite, rutile.

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2 Responses to “Auralite 23 – The Star Being Ascension Gem”

  1. Gavin says:

    i buy aurlite 23 from genuine online store with good review
    and every where write auralite 23 is very powerfull and have greate vibration
    but i don’t know , why i don’t feel any feel from this aurlite 23 , when i touch this aurlite 23 it’s not have any vibration or any sense or any message
    i try other crystal and they have energy
    i don’t know why , do you know whats the problem

    • magic says:

      great question! sometimes crystals are sleeping, on “lock down” or have been abused. put the crystal in a bag or box with sea salt and rosemary for at least 3 days and nights. if you still feel nothing from the crystal, change out the sea salt and rosemary mixture and put it back in the container for 3 months. i have had this happen before and sometimes the crystal needs a healing with the sea salt and rosemary…you did not buy a dud, the crystal just needs to be healed. i suspect when the crystal has been cleared of the unwanted energy, you will find it even looks differently. lotsa love and let me know how you make out. Marianne

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