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Develop Your Intuition

The number 1 question:
“How do I develop my intuition?” Some suggestions to help you develop your intuition are offered in this video.


4 Responses to “Develop Your Intuition”

  1. firmell says:

    Hi my name is firmell I am an inpath and I have a few other things of the spiritual realm both of my grandparents were born with the gift.I have been looking at your videos and can relate on a few topics .I realize that I need to focus and ground myself my light is very bright and it causes me a lot of problems in my life .I feel frustrated a lot ,lonely and just out of touch with this world we live in .my sons are always angry towards me people are sending me bad evil things .I lost my job in december and just feel stuck and unable to progress.any advise would be greatly appreciated. God Bless

    • magic says:

      Hello Firmell! thank you for visiting underworldclassroom. what you are describing is very typical for star people. you have the gift of empathy and must learn to protect your energy field. i recommend a book by Yvonne Perry called, “Whose Stuff is This Anyway?”. In this book, easy to use techniques are described to help determine how your energy is being altered by your environment and what you can do about it. Feeling isolated, lonely and alone are also common feelings for star people and empaths. You volunteered to come to earth to help and often, those of us who are star people, also want to belong because it is part of the human condition. The star people, as yourself, stand on the outside, looking in, and never feeling a connection to others. The best thing you can do is to deepen your rapport and relationship with your unseen guides and friends. your ancestors are also there waiting to help you, so even though you feel alone, you are never alone. we went through a very difficult astrological crossing from December to March and the planets have some difficult energies right now and you are feeling the impact of this. it is natural to feel confused and stuck, but know things are going on in the background, much like a seed in winter, it is under the ground and will germinate in spring time. another interesting book is called, “welcome to planet earth” by beaconsfield. you might find that interesting as well. you are always welcome to connect here and know that what you are experiencing is the #1 issue of star people and empaths at this time, so you have good company!!! this is such an important issue that i plan to make a video about it very soon because so many are experiencing this and need to know we have a mission on earth and just by being here, we bring a lot of light. ask the universe to present you with opportunities for jobs you will love and pay well. blessings and love to you and thanks for your most welcomed comment. marianne 🙂

  2. jessie says:

    Hi, I’m Jess, I was just directed to you page and site, I love what you do. I watched your intuitive, I usually am right the first time with things but i sometimes second guess myself,any suggestions on how to really trust my senses

    • magic says:

      hi Jess! welcome to Underworldclassroom! this is a question i think every psychically gifted person asks themselves; in face, many psychics ask themselves before a reading, “what if i don’t get anything?” so these questions and wondering keep us open and when we are open, we get answers. you don’t want to be open all the time or it will drain you, however, ask these questions at will – the bottom line is to practice. this is an art and art takes practice just like playing a musical instrument takes practice. you can play games to sharpen your intuition – such games may be to guess how many messages you have on your phone or who may be calling you next or what make of car will be next to come around the corner. little games like this sharpen your senses. it is a matter of practicing, then the confidence comes. and when the confidence comes, always keep that wonder because that is the key. thanks so much for your most welcomed comment and i look forward to hearing more from you! many blessings, Marianne

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