Bloodlines and Hypnotherapy

Could Bloodline Memory Affect Hypnotic Suggestions?

By Marianne Underworldclassroom


While studying the walk-in phenomenon, an event sometimes discovered during regression where the original soul leaves the body and a new soul enters the body, it was determined the physical body has a consciousness unique and separate from the soul.  The consciousness of the physical body is responsible for involuntary functions such as cellular division, heartbeat, digestion, and biological survival.  The consciousness of the soul is responsible for the evolutionary process during the time on earth and other dimensions.  Generally, these two consciousnesses strive for a compatible existence and experience.  Optimally, the soul desires the body to be healthy and the body seeks to cooperatively house the soul during the lifetime on earth.

According to most sources studied, when a soul walks into a body as the original soul is departing, the body is perceived to have value as a home for the new soul.  The new soul brings in the higher chakra centers and must learn to accept the lower 3 chakra centers of the body.  The body must accept the new soul as if it were an organ transplant – the body may reject the new soul and cause illness in protest.  Moreover, the new soul could be entering with an incompatible frequency and cause damage to the central nervous system of the body.  Additionally, the body suffers from “death wish” imprints left in the cellular memory.  Until each, body consciousness and soul consciousness, acknowledges the other as a unique consciousness and mutually reconciles the conflict, static illness will be sustained.

The bridge between body and soul may be an important component in the discipline of hypnotherapy in that the consciousness of the body may be overlooked while the soul is attempting to reconcile the karma.

We know the memory of our ancestors is stored in the DNA.  Historically, many tribes and ethnic communities would not allow marriage out of their DNA or bloodline pool.  At first glance, this seems prejudice and absurd.   But if we consider, for a moment, a bloodline of farmers who specialize in the domestication of crops and animals intermarries with a bloodline of nomads, would it be possible for the offspring of this marriage to successfully manage a farm for generations?  If the memory of nomad remains in the bloodline, it can be hypothesized the offspring will eventually seek to abandon the farm and walk in the footsteps of the ancestors who wandered to survive.  In this example, if a soul incarnates into this bloodline with the intention to farm and the dominant bloodline memory of the body is to wander, a potential conflict within the consciousness of the body and that of the soul remains irresolvable.  The soul will want to farm and the body will want to wander and the conflict produced will be illness.  Initially, it is unlikely any specific diagnoses could be biologically concluded; however, given enough time, depression and other symptoms will manifest.

When a hypnotic suggestion produces little or no results, could it be the body had a different bloodline memory that was incongruent with the hypnotic suggestion?  With the permission of two different people, a hypnotic suggestion was given to clear out the bloodline from any conflicts with the soul’s highest intention.

Case 1 Bloodline Clearing

Sam who is a prominent leader in a spiritual capacity and has more than earned her station, was being shunned by a sister organization.  We decided to go back to the cause, A Richard Sutphen technique, to determine why the sister organization was shunning her.  A regression to a lifetime in early Asia was presented where her lineage was stolen via dark magic involving blood.  After this lifetime was explored, while under trance, a suggestion was given for the bloodline and entire lineage to be completely cleared from anything that was not in alignment with her soul’s purpose.  Sam reported feeling very good after the session and later that week I received a call from her stating that the sister organization had fully acknowledged her position.  This was a seemingly promising result.

Case 2 Bloodline Clearing

Julie, who was suffering from severe allergies and sadness from being bullied at the workplace, wanted some help.  A simple induction and hypnotic suggestion was given:  to completely clear the bloodline and lineage from any conflicts that were not in alignment with her soul’s purpose.  Later that day, Julie sent me an email that she was burning incense, which usually triggers asthma attacks followed by emergency room visits.  The next day I received another message from Julie who reported how well she felt and how much she was enjoying the workplace.


Of course two cases prove little; however, the results might be promising.  It is impossible for the bloodlines to be researched because this information was not historically recorded.  It is plausible, though; that the memory in the blood and the purpose of the soul could conflict to such a degree to explain why hypnotic suggestions work better in some cases than others.

The hypnotic suggestions appeal to the subconscious mind.  If the bloodline memory of the physical body is in conflict with a specific direction from the subconscious mind, will the body be able to accept the direction?  Will the body refuse to cooperate?  Will this conflict effect the hypnotic suggestion?  If the bloodline memory is cleared to be in alignment with the highest destiny of the soul, could this help the hypnotic suggestion to be accepted on a physical level, thus altering bloodline memory?  Could bloodline memory explain why some hypnotic suggestions are more difficult for some people in certain circumstances?

More research will need to be done on this hypothesis; however, given the bloodline DNA holds the memories of the ancestors, is this ancient collective memory so strong it could allow the body to over-ride hypnotic suggestion if, from prehistoric times, the survival of the body would be threatened by the acceptance of the hypnotic suggestion?  It could be worth pondering.


4 Responses to “Bloodlines and Hypnotherapy”

  1. Len Williams says:

    The Illuminati call this the cardinal effect because birds without ever having been to their winter habitat unerringly find it. They abuse multiple generations of a line knowing they will accept it.

    • magic says:

      you are absolutely right. the illuminati do abuse their knowledge of bloodlines and this technique can be used to correct some of this abuse. the bloodlines have been corrupted to serve their vanity and it is very good that more people are becoming aware of this. thank you for raising the importance of the bloodline issue. this has global impact.

  2. Julianna Quijano says:

    Thank you for this article. I’m a star being and I’ve been told that I’ve come at this time for the bloodline but I feel I’m still cleansing the bloodline I’ve come in with. Also I have 2 star children that I chose to have and they have a different bloodline mix. I wonder if I can clear any conflicts I seem to be having with my in laws? They don’t accept me but they do the children. What is your take?

    • magic says:

      hello! clearing bloodlines is a major undertaking, so you have done a lot of hard work already! it is difficult to clear conflicts between the Star Beings and earth borns. if they do not accept you, keep clearing the psychic cords…my advise is going to sound crazy, but i would pray for their happiness. i would send them love but they can only use that energy to correct their karma. you could light a candle and ask the negativity to be transmuted to light, encase it in light using a thought form and send these blessings, with only love and peace, to them, but they can only use this to correct their karma in this lifetime. then ask for this to be completed by the next new moon. this is white magic and it will take a bit of time; however, it does work. let me know how you make out! thanks so much for your comment. lotsa blessings, Marianne

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