Every Magical Person needs Florida Water.

It melts dark glue and mortar.

Pour a portion into cupped palm.

Rub hands together; then feel calm-


Then, without touching physical body,

Palms toward the crown,

Brush your aura from top to down

Then shake hands free round and round.


If environment you wish to clear

Sprinkle Florida Water where you are near

And into corners where dark likes to hide

Then your broom is ready to fly and ride.


If protection is what you seek

Dress back of knees to avoid energy leak

Then dress back of neck

No entity can wreck.


To seal any magic

To protect and to heal

Keep the concoction at hand,

This tool is for you to wheel. 





6 Responses to “FLORIDA WATER”

  1. tinene says:

    Hello I hope this message reaches you in full love and light! Is there a recipe to make Florida Water or do you have someplace that I may purchase some. Sounds like an excellent tool 😀 thank you in advance Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello! hello! there are many recipes for florida water on youtube. each magical person has their own special recipe and if you make it yourself, it has a punch!! florida water is flower water and by using a combination of oils and herbs in a base, usually alcohol, when you use it to brush down your aura, it gets rid of all the unwanted astral junk. you can actually feel the swoosh, cleansing your aura. whenever i come home or a visitor leaves my home, i use this to keep myself nice and clear. some people put it into a spray and spritz themselves and the corners of their home. you will just love this stuff!!! always a pleasure hearing from you! lotsa love and light and all that is good!

      • MARYANNE says:


        • magic says:

          fabulous question!! the major difference between florida water and agua sacral is that agua sacral has palo santo oil in it. palo santo is very sacred to meso american and purivian indigenous peoples. the wood is only harvested after it is naturally felled. the wood from palo santo smells a bit like cedar and is extremely powerful to eliminate unwanted energetic influences and entities, both urban and rural. since palo santo is used as a clearing tool, i would recommend a similar technique – to put in your hands, rub together and brush down the aura. after brushing downward, i would dress the back of the knees and back of the neck because these are often vulnerable areas for entity attachment. this should protect. also, i would put in palms of hands, rub together and fling the fingers into the corners of the room and home. that should provide a big shift. if you work with crystals, take a clear quartz crystal, and apply to blunt end and work the way to the point. this will also clear your crystal and tools and palo santo has staying power. so florida water is excellent for clearing stuff that just began, where agua sacral is excellent for stubborn energies. thank you for your most excellent question. blessings of love, light and all that is good!

  2. yanina says:

    hi Marianne, thank you so much for this beautiful poetry and knowledge, with love and light to all

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