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Tarot vs. Divining Cards

Tarot is a very special set of cards – every card must be included and represented.  The Tarot contains the Major Arcana, Court Cards and Pips.  The tarot comes from the Egyption Mystery Schools and was resurrected by The Order of the Golden Dawn and its Masters and Students.  The Tarot is congruent with the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry, Archetypical Energies and the ancient ways.  Divining cards are NOT tarot.  The playing deck we have now includes the court cards and pips, but not the Major Arcana or archetypal energies. Divining or Fortune Telling Cards are NOT tarot.  This distinction must be made in the subject of metaphysics.

4 Responses to “Tarot vs. Divining Cards”

  1. Martha says:

    Hello im very grateful if u can help me my land lot give me notice to leave his house. Can u tell me what to do to let him change his mind can i use candles n how to do it. Thanks im waiting for your reply

    • magic says:

      hello. this is such a good question. we can’t control others or the magic turns dark and dark magic is weak. i got right away that you have some new opportunities opening up for you. we are in eclipse season and this year will usher in a lot of changes – so the best candles to burn in your situation would be a yellow candle – ask for the road to be opened for you and for you to be shown the best possible path for your highest, happiest good. you could ask for courage, confidence, protection and guidance as well. i know sometimes it is hard, but sometimes a new beginning will open up wonderful things for you. many blessings, Marianne

  2. Hi, I very much agree with what you say in “Tarot vs Divining Cards.” I am a keen student of the Tarot and feel that the changes that I see being made in some of today’s packs mean that they can, no longer, be called Tarot Packs. This is not to say that good results cannot be achieved by other types of divination cards. As you say, the imagery and message each Tarot Card is quite specific. Yours. S.

    • M Sarchino says:

      hello! you are absolutely correct – the Tarot is a very specific type of energy, congruent with so many other modalities – and there is confusion about using the term “Tarot” to apply to all sorts of divining cards. excellent point. ty for your contribution! many blessings 2 u, Marianne

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