About Marianne

MarianneMarianne is the following:

  • A Channel of Light
  • Clairvoyant
  • Empath
  • Student of Metaphysics for 30+years
  • Certified Hypnotist by International Hypnosis Federation, registered member # 13338
  • Certified Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training by Richard Sutphen
  • IET™ (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master-Instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • Tarot Instructor
  • Founder and Author of Spiritual Pathology ©2009
  • Certified Ho’oponopono Basic Level by Dr. Len
  • Master of Arts, University of Redlands, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Potsdam, NY

Marianne has been a student of metaphysics for more than 30 years and has studied with many masters on a wide range of subjects.  In addition to her formal education, she was tutored by a Crone in the Catskill Mountains in the art of Tarot.  Also, when living in the Catskill Mountains, she studied Aromatherapy from a skilled healer and the art of Hypnotherapy from a Master Educator.  While in Hawaii, she studied healing massage techniques under the tutelage of a local Kahuna, who also taught her techniques of spirit release and house blessing.  When living in California, she studied dual shamanic trance techniques with two Shamans who taught her soul retrieval, remote viewing, whole brain engagement and energetic blending.
Marianne’s formal education included Mastery in the Arts of Reiki and IET™.  She has taught classes certifying students in basic Tarot.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Management from the University of Redlands, with a Project-Thesis on the subject of Ergonomics, and a Bacholor of Arts Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York, Potsdam.
Marianne developed a rapport with the Angelic Realm, especially Archangel Michael, after studying IET™.  She has a talent for seeing dark energetic influence and after two years of intensive study, developed a modality called Spiritual Pathology  (©2009) to clear the dark energy with the help of the Angels of Light.  The technique uses voice magic to successfully clear and heal the pathology of the soul and spirit with the help of the Angels of Light.
Marianne has also been interviewed on WBTN radio about the modality she developed, Spiritual Pathology (©2009).  She was also a guest psychic on Sedona Talk Radio.
If you wish to contact Marianne, you may email her at underworldclassroom@yahoo.com .

153 Responses to “About Marianne”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello. Thank you for all the wonderful videos you have put out. I have PTSD and have been studying tarot for six years for self enlightenment and healing. I was abused as a child and have healed in many ways but still working toward wholeness by connecting with angels using magick and the quabalah. I love your story how you were able to connect with so many masters. It would be helpful for me to work with someone. I live in Northern Ca. Can you suggest a first step for me to move in that direction? Thank you sincerely. Michelle C.

    • magic says:

      hi michelle, thank you for sharing your story – so many lightworkers have difficult lives and often, those who suffer from ptsd, have planned this for soul development and then, to help others who are suffering as well. therefore, consider yourself a healer and the first thing to do is to heal yourself and then share the healing energy to help others evolve. are you wanting a teacher or someone to help you heal? or both? and does this person need to be local to where you live? when i want anything, i get my emotions charged and i call in the angels of light and i really demand what i want and within 24 hours i get it. word of caution, be very specific when you ask because the universe will deliver, so always, always say with ease and grace and hurt and harm to none, you want it in a very loving way…..that is an extremely important part of any prayer – stops all unwanted energies; after all, no need to have a blessing in an ugly wrapper, we want it all filled with love and grace. thank you for your inquiry, please let me know in what capacity you are looking for someone with whom to work. thank you. many blessings of everything good, marianne

  2. tinene says:

    Marianne, I would like to know if you offer Reiki classes? If not can you do a video on this subject. Thanks in advance livelovelaugh always Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello tinene, excellent idea. I have not yet offered classes on this site, but you have given me a fabulous idea. when I put lesson plans together, I will make an announcement. thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion. lotsa love and light, marianne

  3. minoanmargaret says:

    Hello Marianne,

    I was very excited after watching your Lemuria Now video.

    I recently acquired a very large Lemurian point recordkeeper with a large 6-sided key. It has one regular triangle and one arched triangle on one facet with a smaller regular triangle on another. Shortly after acquiring it, a clairvoyant friend told me that I would use it ‘for future’.

    In your video you said that Lemuria is future, that it was never past. I’m interested in learning more about this and would appreciate any direction you can provide. I believe your Lemuria Now project is something I should be involved with.

    Greatly appreciated.

    • magic says:

      a lemurian crystal is always something to celebrate! this is wonderful news! lemuria is an energy of ascension; an energy of success. many lemurian crystals were gifted to us from the star nations and would have connections to cosmic information and knowledge, especially the record keepers. These crystals have information to assist us in accelerated evolution at this time on earth. I believe you are clairvoyant as well and there is information this record keeper has to teach you about opening up to this gift. your clairvoyant friend is right; the lemurian will teach you to see beyond time, a 5th dimensional perception. you will have to sit with this crystal and meditate with it and develop this talent you have. Please feel free to visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ again and check out the videos about connecting to your crystal; accessing records; and accessing keys these videos might be helpful as well. also, remember to cleanse your crystal when you first get it and when you feel the need to do so. since you are the keeper of this amazing lemurian crystal, you may not want to allow anyone else to touch it but you. thank you for your most welcomed comment and for viewing. many blessings of everything wonderful!

  4. Fosterio says:

    I thank you for all the great videos you sharing here with us, how are you Marianne?
    I will like to know few more truth about all these you share, are they related to the Supreme Jehovah. I ask because in my country they use to speak against people who contact the spirit world but i think my heart belongs there. All the same i don’t want to do anything which will go against my relationship with Jehovah.
    Can i contact you through your email address most times because i need to know some personal things from you as well.
    Thank you in advance…

    • magic says:

      hello, you can reach me by going to the “about” tab at the top of the window, hover over that and there will be a tab called “contact”, click on that or send emails to underworldclassroom@yahoo.com . spirituality is a personal matter and we must always check with our own hearts to know what is proper and correct for us. the paths to god are as many as the breaths of man/woman. feel free to contact me at my email address if you would like. thank you for your comment. many blessings of everything good.

  5. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne! I love your videos I have recently gotten an ebook. “Word of Archangels, how to meet an Archangel”do you have a video on this subject? Or any references i can check Thanks Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      I always encourage people to research as many authors/sites regarding any subject. Also, it is good to try to find original sources for basic information as well. I do not have a video on this subject; however, I always call upon the archangels whenever I call in general sacred space. I call Archangel Michael my home boy! I don’t do any magic without his help. I do believe this is a personal decision. IET, integrated energy therapy, is a modality that attunes people to the angelic realm of light and invokes the archangels. After becoming a master in IET, I have found that the angels are amazing surgeons and always very ready to help us and all we have to do is ask. This is great that you are studying this subject. I would recommend reading many sources and I would think all you have to do is ask an Archangel to help you and they will be there. You don’t need any special attunement or download to connect to an Archangel; just ask. All you need to do is ask for their help. Remember, too, there is misinformation out there as well; so always go with what resonates with you and don’t believe everything you read. Please feel free to visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ again and let us know if you find more sources that you would recommend. Thank you for your commend. Many blessings of love, light and all that is good, marianne

  6. Fly says:

    Hello Marianne, I appreciate the time and wisdom you are able to grant me. I have a question regarding myself. I was born into a spiritual family which at this present time does not practice what I know now as my heritage birthright. i learned fundamentals of wiccan at 14 in secret cause i know i was special. i acknowledge it and practiced it but my mom was a “natural witch” if you will, never learned from books, never told me she was, and just felt right at the time. she used her “craft” to protect my siblings from forms of psychic and spiritual harm and knew powerful witches at her age. im 25 and she’ll be 50 this November. She no longer practices her craft since 1994. I am the only one out of seven children that still continues that heritage having exposed to experiences since an early age. I considered her a natural witch. I also discovered that on my father’s side that we have mediums and healers, due to my grams’ Mexican heritage of curandisimo or healing magick another secret I discovered. I dream of things before they happen such as a coming death or birth, a visitor arrival, good or bad news, or dreaming of the day before it happens, even about people I’ve never met, even lucid dreaming that feel real. I’ve always wondered is it possible to be a medium and healer and a natural witch at the same time being born innate gifts from both sides of my family or will one override the other. I know it is also to take in, and I grately appreciate any wisdom or direction you could give me. I’ve asked my family particularly my mom about it but she completely dismiss what I know, experience, and believe by just ignoring it, and my grams doesn’t spill the beans. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think anyone other than myself would know more than me… Is it possible to be a medium and a natural witch at the time and not know it, or could it be possible to be both and maybe one’s family side of the gifts may override the other, I’ve never seen spirits clairvoyantly but do see auras and recently during a deep meditation clearing all 7 chakras I saw the image of a little girl looking at me when I open my eyes and quickly vanished. I get feelings of spirits like if there’s one around but never communicate to one let alone seen one. I see flickers of light and feel its an angel or angels. Is it possible to just have one side of gifts or will I eventually end up naturally becoming a medium and being a witch at the same time. Your knowledge would grant me a million times enlightenment. And if so what should I do, should I be afraid, and every year I received a new ability and don’t know how I would control all this energy or power if you will. I want to help people with this that’s my dream, but wonder if its too much power to handle. You don’t know how much this would help. Blessings of love to you

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you for your comment. first of all, never be afraid and approach this with reverence – first learn the fundamentals and sacred space is an imperative. you have the gifts. dreaming of things that come to pass is called pre-cognitive dreaming. yes, these gifts do run in families; it is in the dna. it is definitely possible to inherit more than one gift from each side of your family. one gift will NOT work against the other – learn to integrate these gifts to your own style or way of doing things. you are very open and you will want to consciously direct all of this. study. always research. pray and listen to guidance. sometimes we have to be willing to be wrong in discovering what is right, so it is ok to make a mistake when we learn. and we are always learning. I think, from what you are reporting, that you are clairvoyant. now, learn to turn it on and off by training your mind. you begin this by casting sacred space and use your gifts in sacred space. when you are not in sacred space and something comes around, tell them, not now. you have to be in control of it; boundaries are even set with the unseen realm. otherwise, if you always allow this, you will have more spirits visiting you than you want. it is very good that you are owning your power and gifts. if you ignore your gifts, they could be used against you or things might happen to get you on track. always call upon the divine for help, always. if you do not understand something, ask for the answer to come to you in the dream state. you have that ability. it is ok if other family members are not practicing; maybe they are so skilled they direct their talent in their minds. the important thing is for you to develop these talents and consciously direct the energy – be in command of what is happening, under your will. be curious, but also have your own empowerment with this. yes, you can have many talents. now it is time to develop and integrate these. this was a very good question because sometimes, from books, things are compartmentalized. it is not that simple, as you point out. the boundaries blur. now the challenge is for you to draw from it what you want; for you to be in charge of these events. always have boundaries with spirits. you are on the right track – study, develop and integrate your skills. you are very magical! many blessings of everything good and magical! marianne

      • Fly says:

        Godbless you Marianne!!! =]. You don’t know how many people and resources I have tried to find out the truth in this. I do thank you for explaining to me everything that I so desperately needed to hear. I love the facts you provide me with and I am eternally grateful for all of the positive understanding you have given me. I am now a believer in myself and I will live up to your words of practicing makes perfect! I will update you about my practice as a reminder that you’ve been a huge inspiration for me and let you know what happens. I know I have a purpose I always believed that and it feels wonderful for someone to believe in me!! YOU are definitely magical! You have my eternal gratitude, esteemed respect and many blessings of unconditional love for you Marianne!!!! Thank you. =]

        • magic says:

          thank you so much for your kind message – you wield a lot of positive and loving energy! I will be very interested to learn about your progress – you are very magical and powerful, always remember that! lotsa love, light and everything good, marianne

  7. Melissa says:

    Maryanne we need your help my friends dog went missing yesterday on Gore Rd and wanted to know if you could help us find her. Hope to hear back thx

    • magic says:

      hi Melissa, so sorry for the delay in responding. what is the situation with your friend’s dog? lotsa love and light, marianne

  8. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne, I was wondering if you had time or info on a crystal called shungite? Thank you Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello! shungite is a fabulous stone that works much the same way orgonite does. orgonite is man made and shungite is a naturally occurring mineral. shungite transmutes electromagnetic pollution and neutralizes the environment from such. if shungite comes into your keeping, please remember to cleanse it – I have a video on how to cleanse crystals with sea salt and rosemary. I recommend having pieces of shungite in offices and home environments where electronics, such as computers and television and microwaves are found. all you have to do is have shungite in your environment. now you have me thinking….shungite would be an excellent stone to use for talisman magic – if a map of japan, and other areas that experienced radiation, was printed out, a piece of shungite would be an excellent paring with kyanite, to transmute and cool things down – this would make a helpful grid for this purpose. shungite is mostly carbon and etherically bonds with etheric radiation, neutralizing it. once the radiation is transmuted, the environment is much calmer and I find having a piece in the home enhances a night’s sleep. it is highly recommended for this purpose. radiation causes fear in the 3d realm – the 2d realm loses a particle and that particle experiences fear as separation from its source. shungite reduces this 2d fear. it is very ancient, 2 billion years old. some claim it to be a protective stone, which makes a lot of sense – the black stones are very protective; however, if you intend to use it for protection, it would need to be programmed for such. I have videos on how to program a crystal and the technique would apply. it would also be excellent to wear shungite to keep your energy bodies intact as radiation bombards us on earth from satellite communciations and can cause tears in the auric field and the shungite naturally transmutes the electromagnetic and other radiation. I hope this is helpful. thank you for your question and please feel free to visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ any time! many blessings of all that is good!

      • tinene says:

        Thank you so much. 🙂

        • magic says:

          Your are most welcome! I was so motivated by your question that I am doing a video about Shungite. I did some more research and discovered a fascinating web site http://www.shungite-anata.com/en/shungite/qualities.html that describes shungite to have fullerences which is a hollow molecular structure composed of hexagonal and pentagonal groups of atoms fromed form carbon. Fullerene is a term after Buckminster Fuller, who wrote a body of mathematics and wrote a love poem to the table of elements. Shunga is a place in Russia where shungite is found. the radioactive shielding properties were discussed in this article as well. there are a whole host of medical applications, although I would not consume an elixir from this because there are other elements present that may not be good for the body. Simply having Shungite in your environment speeds healing, according to studies done in Russia. There are experiments where rooms were built of shungite and people who were recovering healed very quickly and with happy mind sets. Thank you so much for this question! Motivated me to do more research! Many blessings of everything good.

          • tinene says:

            Many blessings to you. My thanks for the video! I find your videos so full of information and your knowledge astounds me! I have already looked at it and will pass it on to others. Thanks also for the additional links. Namaste

          • magic says:

            thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing. I always encourage people to check out different sources – that way we all learn! lotsa love and light!

          • tinene says:

            Hello Marianne, I have another odd question more on a personnel note then about crystals. Once when I attended a guided meditation the person leading it played crystal singing bowls. One of them in particular was almost unbearable to listen too. There was a tremendous amount of pressure in my head and all of a sudden I felt this pop between my third eye and sinus cavity. At the end of the session I asked which bowl it was and of course it was the third eye singing bowl. Here lately over the last week I have been feeling a lot of similar pressure like a moving vibration but I don’t have a singing bowl to clear it lol any ideas on maybe a crystal I could use? Thanks in advance for any assistance Tinene livelovelaugh always

          • magic says:

            hello! this is a very good question. the musical note “A” resonates with the 3rd eye. since you responded sonically to this previously, you could try this method again. it is not really the digital musical note “A” that activates the 3rd eye, but a sonic cord or overtone that activates the 3rd eye. This is when two dissonant notes that are very close together vibrationally, for example: A flat plus 1/8 step and A flat plus 3/16th steps, producing an overtone somewhere between. it works like that. you might want to try tingsha bells. there is also a tone you can produce in the sinus cavity and another tone in the throat to produce this overtone effect; much like the monks do when they chant. there are other ways to activate and clear or move the energy accumulating in the 3rd eye. you can place the index finger of your dominant hand on the dominant temple (right handed is right dominant; left handed is left dominant) and the middle finger of the non-dominant hand on the non-dominant temple. then, using your mind with intense focus, move energy from the dominant index finger to the non-dominant middle finger, through the forehead (3rd eye) until you feel a smooth flow – this will move the energy. if you have cleared your scepter, you can use the scepter method of energy scan, with repeated motions over the 3rd eye. another very useful method is to use a clear quartz crystal cluster, I like Tibet crystals for this method. aim the points at the area you want to clear and bring the cluster to your etheric body, about 1 1/2 inch above the physical body and, with the points toward you, bring the cluster in a downward motion until you feel it lock…go slowly. once it locks, it will grab the excess energy and as soon as you feel the lock, pull away smoothly and place the cluster in a bed of sea salt. that works nicely. then flood the area with white light. I hope this is helpful. let me know how these methods work for you, if you should decide to use these. many blessings of all that is good, marianne

  9. tinene says:

    Hello here I am with another question. I recently acquired a sceptre off the internet. I have read that they are good for healing work ? I thought that I had seen a video from your site that spoke of them however I do not recall which one it is. I am sure you are very busy if you have any additional time I would love to learn your take on them. Thanks Namaste Tinene!

    • magic says:

      I love questions! and yours is inspirational! I have not made a video on septers and how to use them and now you have given me an assignment to do just that! it is now officially on the video “to do” list for me. I will be working on that very soon because this is an important topic. septers were used in lemuria in the healing temples. these are precision instruments that are very effective tools in the healing arts of quartz crystals. Please visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ soon for this upcoming video on septers and thank you for the suggestion! many blessings of all that is good.

  10. patty bryfogle says:

    Hi dear spirit sent me to you, in april this year i recieved my 2nd level reiki practioner i had 6attunements in one day the cleansing was intense but needed since then my gifts have began opening lucid dreams and seeing symbols on my carpets than having a enconter with hawk that chaged my life. I have been going from teacher to teacher but never feeling i fit in i adore crystals and work with AA Michael he is my go to angel always my buddy too. I now am feeling a strong pull toward earth based magic and a strong starseed connection. What would you suggest is best for me now? I feel lost where i belong and how to develop and share my gifts. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts love and light to you.

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you for your message! that is a lot of attunements in one day – congratulations upon the completion of your 2nd level reiki achievement. you are being invited to a new level of mastery, that of the exploration of the inner kingdom. if you are being pulled toward earth based magic of the ancient ones and your star nation connection, you might want to read the book Shaman Healer Sage by Villaldo. His work will introduce you to elemental magic in the Incan philosophies. Also, it provides an introduction to the art of journeying. I found his work was the most authentic because he studied with the Amazonian shamans at the time where the communities were not displaced. so much information is lost or misunderstood when indigenous people are displaced and generations pass. This study will teach you to find your answers within. With practice, you can learn to access the underworld, which is a metaphor for the collective unconscious which is more conscious than the conscious. You are ready to do this. It is an art and takes patience, a pure heart and perseverance. When I get stuck or need answers that I know are not found in books, I go into meditation and talk to the spirit realm of light, always under the protection of AA Michael. After you read his book, contact me again and I will guide you to the next step, if you like. thank you so much for visiting http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ and please feel free to visit again as I will soon be posting new videos. I am so happy you are searching and now you are ready to discover an inner kingdom and higher mind to find the answers you seek. Many blessings of all that is good, marianne

  11. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne I was wondering if you can email me when you get the opportunity to do the video on sceptres. I keep checking underworldclassroom.com but I noticed that the new videos on your YouTube channel are not uploading to the top. 🙂 I can not wait. I hope you can also do a video on Reiki. I have had an attunement and gone through a Reiki 1 level class earlier this year. Would love to hear your perspective on this as well. Reiki felt so right to me I would love to continue on healing feels very natural to me. The Reiki Master I learned from said she thought I was a druid in a past life. Still trying to understand that one 🙂 haven’t found much on druids, I do love trees though lol Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello! hello! so kind of you to stop by http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ and leave your most welcomed comment! I will be creating the video on crystal scepters very soon! it is at the top of the list! scepters are sensitive instruments and I am excited to do this video. I have to upload the videos to the website, so it’s on the list! thanks for reminding me! 🙂 these Reiki attunements are very profound – this connects you to the ascended master realm. allow it to integrate. this is wonderful that Reiki feels right to you; this is your inner guidance communicating with you – when that feels so right, it is a measure that you are on the right path! wonderful! interesting; past life connection to druids involves nature and rich in ceremony. I would encourage you to research druids on the internet, but be careful; there is so much misinformation. much of the druid philosophy came directly from Atlantis; however, so much of it was corrupted by the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, which went dark, to the darkness. So, as you learn, use that inner guidance, that part of you that tells you Reiki is right; use that part to check in and measure if what you are reading about druids is right; if it is of the light or of the dark…..also, meditatively, relax and go to that lifetime when you were a druid….I am getting you were like a wizard who worked elegantly with the elements; you spent a lot of time alone with nature. you might try, meditatively, traveling to nature with the intention to meet yourself in that previous lifetime…and then become yourself, meditatively, in that lifetime and see what you learn…..trust what you get. 🙂 the scepter video is on the list and soon to be out, as requested! I am officiating at a wedding Friday night and have some projects to complete, then the video is next! 🙂 thank you for your patience! you will be wielding that scepter very soon. lotsa love!

    • magic says:

      hello again, I almost forgot….you can like underworldclassroom’s page on facebook; I always post when new videos are uploaded. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Underworldclassroom/198561413492035?ref=hl
      this way, you will always know when a new vid is available…yours on scepters will be next. lotsa love!

  12. tinene says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 I signed up on Facebook!

  13. tinene says:

    I am very new to Facebook I will try and send a request to you to be a friend. I hope the wedding ceremony went beautifully.

    • magic says:

      hello – I saw you on underworldclassroom facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Underworldclassroom/198561413492035 , and thanks for the thumbs up! I sent you a friend request, so if you go to the upper part of the fb window, a little to the right from the center, there is an icon with two people. that is a friend request, so you can click on that and accept. that should work! the wedding ceremony went amazingly well! it was really lovely! thank you.

  14. tinene says:

    Hey Marianne , thank you so much for the start of the series on sceptres! Thank goodness I had not been using them until
    I had some direction. However, I was under the impression that I had cleared them using my usual methods ie smudging…I want to ask if I could have caused my other crystals any harm? After clearing them in a manner I thought was appropriate I have had them near my personal crystals. I treat crystals with the respect they deserve most times I just hope that this close contact with an uncleared sceptre has not caused any spread of potential harmful data if you will. I will smudge all that have been near them but is there more can or should do. And I love the tree screen absolutely beautiful! Namaste

    • magic says:

      hello! so good hearing from you! this is such an excellent question…whenever I get a new crystal, it goes immediately into a container with sea salt and rosemary, specifically for the concern you mention and to protect myself as well…here’s a very good remedy for this – after you put the new sceptre into the container with sea salt and rosemary, fill a bowl with salt water – a mild solution works very well. then, wipe down all of your crystals with the salt water solution. you will see a sparkle return to them. I do this as a maintenance routine as well. smudging is good, but for this concern, the sea salt water solution works wonders for your other crystals. thanks for the compliment on the tree scene – I love nature. thanks so much. lotsa love and light, marianne

  15. tinene says:

    Will do thank you so much for your quick response. That sounds like a great protocol! I
    purchased the suggested reading material I will be reading while I wait for the next segment of
    Your series! Many thanks, by the way I love your posts on fb by the way. i happy i finally started using fb now!
    Lol I’m so behind the times.have a great weekend!

    • magic says:

      excellent that you purchased the suggested reading material. it is the best I have found on the anatomy of the auric bodies and will help significantly when using the scepters and other crystal surgical tools. I am so happy you found me on fb and that you are enjoying the page! I understand what you mean….as soon as I figure out how to use something on the computer, things change and I have to re-learn more stuff – I suppose it keeps us learning and evolving. the important thing is that we are able to exchange information! enjoy the reading material and soon I will make the next lesson. many blessings of all that is good! marianne

  16. Bertha says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I love all your videos and thank you so much for imparting your knowledge. I’m wondering if you’ll consider doing some kind of mentoring program for energy healers or people who simply want to learn more. Reason I asked is that I’ve been learning bits and pieces on crystals, healing and other energy work from everywhere but where I live, I just can’t find a teacher to provide proper classes or guidance for that matter. So the idea of you having an online mentoring program or classes would be a fabulous thing for people like me who’s looking for guidance on energy work.

    • magic says:

      hello! what a fabulous idea. I would love to hear more from you about what information, types of classes, and areas of interest you would like to see offered. also, I welcome other people to comment on this as I am very open to this idea. it is fabulous! please let me know and I am always open to these type of ideas and knowing your interests would be very helpful in such a design. lotsa love and light, marianne

      • Bertha says:

        Awesome you’re considering! I think for me, because I’m already doing other healing modality with my clients, I would love to learn all about crystal healing and definitely how to do psychic surgery. Right now, I’m doing energy work intuitively and I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right although the feedback from clients have been positive. I understand that there’s no right or wrong way but I would just want to learn more to add to my repertoire of “tools” that I can use. Any chance you might do a video on how to perform psychic surgeries? 🙂

        Another thing that I’m super keen on is probably on rituals like candle magic etc. It’s just super broad cos as a keen metaphysic students, I’m pretty much keen on everything and anything!

        Meanwhile, I’ll be staying tuned to your Youtube channel and I religiously watch almost all of them and sometimes re-watching them as “revision” 🙂

        • magic says:

          hello! feedback from clients is definitely a valid gage for how you are doing and it sounds as if you are providing an excellent service for your clients. and you understand so well, we have to research, study, combine information and blend it with our skills and knowledge…constantly expanding what we understand and the application of the new knowledge to techniques! I love teaching and psychic surgery lessons are coming very soon. currently, a series on scepters is coming out and it is a complex body of work. first, the fundamentals will be presented and then we will get into psychic surgery using crystals. this is a very exciting topic because it is the subtle bodies that hold the energy patterns that manifest to form in the physical body; therefore, when we take care of the subtle energy patterns, we pull the problem up by the root. I always recommend, which is coming in future videos, to counsel the client concerning why the problem manifested and clear that as well so it does not re-manifest. as healers, we suspend symptoms and counsel the client regarding how to take responsibility for their manifestation of problem. we are definitely students of metaphysics – like yourself, I love to study and learn and share the knowledge. also, more on candle magic will be coming as well. the technology of magic is amazing! thank you so much for your comment and for watching! love these suggestions and put them on the list! many blessings! marianne

          • Bertha says:

            Hey Marianne,

            Thank you for your reply! Yes, I’m watching and re-watching the Scepters videos and guess what? I work and consult a lot with AA Michael like you and since watching the Septers video, I’ve been wanting to get one myself but haven’t been able to find one I personally like. Today, while I was in the car, AA Michael told me I should take a look at the crystal shop below my office. One that I seldom go into cos I always think they sell the more commercial trinket type. Then lo and behold, I walked in anyway, and found one that I feel soooo connected to a moment just when I was about to walk out of the shop! So I’m gonna go do the cleansing part for 3 moons before I start using them. I’m beyond excited about the scepter and your videos! Keep them coming and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!! Blessings!

          • magic says:

            Oh this is wonderful!!! I love it when I hear about these synchronicities – you know it is divine guidance at hand when things happen like this! that crystal was calling you and you are ready! good you are going through the cleansing for 3 moons because that is extremely important! AA Michael will always steer you in the right direction! He is the home boy! 🙂 Definitely, there will be more videos coming very soon on the scepter crystals and how to use them. thanks so much for your most welcomed comment and for sharing – your story about finding this crystal, listening to your inner guidance and AA Michael was fabulous! Love it! Blessings of all that is good and wonderful! Marianne

    • Joy says:

      Marianne, I have just stumbled on to your site and videos. You are fabulous!! I enjoy the simplicity and thoroughness in which you teach. I resonate with you and your videos. I am a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer, but I have learned so much from you I am almost ashamed to claim my credentials as I still feel in infancy regarding healing. I recently obtained a most beautiful Lemurian Golden Healer. I was instantly in love. I find that since I got it however I have not been able to sleep. I am not tired the next day but I am not sleeping. I moved it out of my bedroom in to the “Zen Den” and thing are getting better. I am hoping that you will open a mentoring program or a master class to expand my limited knowledge. Thanks again. Joy

      • magic says:

        Hello Joy! I am so happy the videos are helpful! We are all learning and this is a wonderful exchange! Frequently when we are unable to sleep, the crystal may have implants or interference devices or, the energy is just too intense to have in the bedroom. It is good you moved it out of the bedroom. Some of the Lemurian crystals were abused and implanted in Atlantis. I had one crystal that had an implant in it and i buried it in sea salt and sprinkled rosemary on top with sage, cedar and lavender. I changed the mixture monthly and checked with a pendulum each month to see if the crystal was healed. i was really upset it took so long, but after 3 moons, the crystal was clear and it was so much brighter and had rainbows as well, and it did not present itself that way previously. There are many ways to clear a crystal and your crystal may have been abused, so you may want to give it more clearing. I have found the crystals used for healing, especially scepters, need a ton of cleansing. I am picking up strongly that you used this golden healer in the temples of Lemuria and you programmed it with information that would be helpful to you now. No wonder why you fell in love with it! What an elegant past life connection. Is there any particular type of class or program that you would be interested in? Thank you ever so much for your most welcomed comment! Lotsa love, light and blessings of everything wonderful! Marianne

        • Joy says:

          Thank you so much for your quick reply. I watched your series on scepters and I will cleanse my lemurian in the same way. I am awed that this may have been mine in the past. It is truly perfect!! I have been looking at scepters and some I find that the post that the crystal is formed on top of may have a point also. Would this be OK as it is pointing out or toward the client? As far as what kind of class I am looking for…I am on my spiritual path however I do not know what I will end up doing. I am on a quest to be more intuitive, have a higher connection with my higher self, and in the end use what I learn help others. Professionally I am a RN and then I practice Reiki and crystal healing. Like what someone else said, my client report great successes with my treatments however not being as intuitive as I would like I do not know the steps that I could take to further the healing. I attribute all healing to the universe/source energy but there must be something that I can do too. I have completed Hibiscus Moon Crystal class and am signed up for the Master class but what I am getting from your videos is a different view. Stephanie has taught us from a scientific out look but from you I am picking up more of a love on the crystals. I hope I am getting this across OK. I have loved what I have learned but I am only starting and so I would like something where I can go deeper than the basics. Your scepter program is an example of going deeper on one subject. I have e-mailed your site to my Reiki Circle, there are several who are searching like myself.

          • magic says:

            hello hello! i always encourage people to get information from as many sources as possible – we learn by sharing and building on all of our knowledge. it is wonderful you were able to take classes in crystals – all this knowledge is valuable! the point or bar of the scepter would go over the client/patient during an energy scan – it gathers information and as you hold the crystal growing on the bar, that information is relayed to you through the chakra in your palm. i hope that is clear. you can practice this on yourself. it is ok if the point is going toward the client as long as you are holding the crystal as you scan – remember you are directing the energy with your mind. as i am understanding how you would like to expand your metaphysical education, you would like to increase your intuitive abilities. that is an excellent subject for a video series. thanks for the suggestion; i will give this thought and put something together that i hope will be helpful. also, i am working on more videos for scepters as well. for now, practice and your intuitive abilities will grow. thank you so much for sharing underworldclassroom with your Reiki Circle! it is my hope the information here will contribute and help others. thank you so much for responding and for participating in this discussion! and thank you for the ideas for videos! i am always looking for ideas that will be helpful. many blessings of everything that is good! marianne 🙂

  17. tinene says:

    I would sign up! I am so glad she asked I was wondering the same. I would love to learn crystal healing, chakra balancing,spirit guides. I am open to these as well as Reiki. I am in a similar position with no one in my area that offers classes. The first level Reiki I class I took I had to ride an hour and a half each way. I try to educate myself through books and your videos as well as a few others on YouTube however, I feel a connection to you as well as a confidence in your knowledge that I can not say I get from everyone. I am already Looking forward to seeing your curriculum. 🙂 lol but really please consider this! Many Blessings livelovelaugh always Tinene

    • magic says:

      i am very grateful for your input on the classes of interest. this is very good information and will help me to design classes. I welcome more feedback on this topic as this information will be the stuff of future lessons. thank you so much! lotsa love and light, marianne

  18. tinene says:

    Ok I hope i do not sound like i am going off the deep end here! As soon as you produced the video on chapter one of the series on sceptors i placed them in the Sea Salt and Rosemary. I did not have a brown paper bag so i used a glass jar. This may be my first problem. But i was so concerned that i did not want to wait around. So many things started to click with your video that were all in coincidence of the arrival of these sceptors. I received not one but 4!!! I had two that i picked and hubby picked two. Sorry not to the point of the email. I just looked at the jar and at the bottom of it there is a golden to brown substance that the sea salt is absorbing. Marianne, i have been so sick since i received them and there has been so much disharmony in my house hold since their receipt. I told you that i have taken a Reiki 1 class, mainly because i do not like to go to medicines, and would like to have a more holistic cure. but i could not get out of a funk. Hubby finally said what is going on you are not even trying to use Reiki you are not looking for crystals to aid in the recovery. I was just stuck in the comfort almost of this sickness. And it was getting worse and worse. Should i take them out of the house for the remainder of the time they are cleansing? are you suppose to change out the seasalt during the cleansing process. is that a normal thing for something being drawn out ? please let me know if i am just getting carried away?thanks as always Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello Tinene,
      This is a very valid question and you are not getting carried away at all….these scepters are extremely powerful tools and you most likely got a powerful one that had some residual energy from Atlantis…here’s what to do. prepare a cardboard box. you said you have 4 scepters, get 4 black velvet bags or if you can’t get that, get 4 black clothes. take the jar, some more sea salt and rosemary and black bags or clothes/scarves all outside. call upon the angels of light, especially archangel Michael. take each bag, one at a time and put sea salt and rosemary into each bag…put each crystal into a separate bag/scarf. put more sea salt and rosemary into the bag/scarf. put sea salt and rosemary into the cardboard box. put each bag, filled with one crystal and sea salt and rosemary (be liberal with the salt and rosemary) into the box. put more sea salt and rosemary into the box. seal the box with tape. put the box into another bag. then throw away the jar and remains into the garbage with a handful of sea salt and rosemary on top of it. say a prayer over the garbage. say a prayer over the box. smudge your house and the area you worked. say another prayer asking archangel Michael to clear the entire area…make sure when you smudge your house you open a window. then bring the sealed box in the sack back into the house..that should solve the problem. here’s what can happen..when you get a very powerful crystal, you do not bring it into the house for cleansing…you get it into sea salt and rosemary in an opaque container ASAP, right away. I have had this problem and when you do this, it should be solved. be very liberal with your sea salt and rosemary and keep plenty of it on hand, always! crystals can do this, but here’s the good news….if a crystal causes this kind of trouble, you bet it was abused in atlantis and once you clear this, you have one very powerful crystal to wield for the light. your crystal is very powerful, most likely an implant. this shows how important it is to clear these tools. you are not getting carried away….I would recommend after smudging your home, you take a nice shower or bath with sea salt as well….you will feel so much better after this. please let me know how you make out after doing this. this is extremely important. also, give these crystals at least 3 months, maybe even 6 to clear…check with a pendulum or your intuition after 3 months. this can happen. also, don’t be surprised if after you take the healed crystals out of the box, they change completely in appearance..that can happen, too. blessings of healing, goodness and light, marianne

  19. tinene says:

    Oh thank you so much for assisting me with this. I will follow the guidelines you were so kind to lay out for me. I will make sure to follow this all and continue with my reading! i am so glad i have your guidance! In
    all this. I could feel such strong energy when i held one of these scepters, i guess this is a testament that because it is strong does not mean it is clean and clear! I hold hope that it is the correct scepter for me once it is cleared of all this
    mistreatment if you will. Thanks for such a quick response. I have already watched the next two segments of this series and am still so excited and intrigued to use these wonderful beings when they are ready to be used with love and light!Namaste

    • magic says:

      these crystals ARE for your keeping or they would not have come to you…they came for your healing and once healed, you will have a clean connection. I am so glad you posted these concerns because it does illustrate how powerful the scepter crystals really are. once they are all cleared and you clear all the remaining energy, you should be fine. please keep me posted about this. this was a trap set by the dark atlanteans so when the light workers used the scepters, this stuff would happen. it is hard to be patient when we want to work with the crystals, that happens to me, too. 🙂 you should be ok with these guidelines and I will be interested in hearing how you make out. lotsa love and light, marianne

  20. Tinene says:

    Hey Marianne, I just had to give you an update! 🙂 The first night when we conversed i took the scepters outside until i could get all my supplies together. And i will be honest I had such a better outlook on the day and felt i slept much better. Well i gathered everything. I asked for protection and help from Archangel Michael and to clear this space. I said prayers before i began and when i asked for help and guidance it was a cold n ight here but the winds picked up and swirled all around me. I took that as a good sign to begin. I followed all the steps and at the end after i had sealed and wrapped the box in the cloth. I held it again and asked that these magical beings know that i meant them no harm or disrespect and that i asked them to rest for three moons while they had everything that was not of the light cleared from them so that we could come together to heal since that is their true purpose. I could not believe it Marianne the box started to heat up in my hands. As i was whispering my final prayer to them and thanking all that came to assist me in this cleansing. It was amazing. and true to my needs, the winds started swirling around me againd giving me the sign i needed that i had done my job. I did take a nice hot shower after and use sea salt to cleanse away any residual bad vibes. 🙂 I slept so well last night i havent awaken and felt so rested and content in weeks. Hubby even said you were sleeping so good last night, he said you did not move around once you were so still. I then told him of the cleansing and he said wow. that seems to have made a difference! livelovelaugh always T thank you so much for helping with this Marianne. You are truly a great teacher. I mean that so much. It seems very natural to you! Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello Tinene! I am so happy to read this report! Good job! A+!! Thank you so much for informing me about how this went – this really does illustrate how powerful these crystals are, especially the scepters! the abuse the crystals took in Atlantis demonstrates the effects of dark magic and the necessity for cleansing our crystals! Always keep plenty of Sea Salt and Rosemary on hand! Well done! I am thrilled you had an excellent night’s sleep. Lotsa love, light and everything good!! Marianne ::)

      • tinene says:

        Oh wow i am feeling so great ! And now that i have my first A ! I think the next lesson i need is how to make contact with my spirit guides. I felt such a strong presence of protection with me last night but i would love to have an actual name to go with my guides. Is this actually something that i would need to seek a light worker for? or is it feasible that i could learn a form of contact on my own. I ask because a friend of mine recently had a crystal healing and Chakra balance and learned that she had not one but two spirit guides working together. I know that am protected i would just like to communicate with them. I hope that my request don’t feel like i assume you do not have plenty of other things to do in a day. I definitely respect your time and await any suggestions or hopefully one of your fabulous videos! thanks in advance Tinene

        • magic says:

          i love answering questions! you can contact your spirit guides – but the important thing is to make sure you are in sacred space first so that you do not pick up unwanted low level astral influence. I have two videos about sacred space if you want to watch. to call in sacred space, I like to ask archangel Michael to guide guard and assist me in all ways and always and to be the keeper of who accesses me…then I ask for my guides of light to approach…you can do that…you could ask them their names and other information. that is done meditatively and you get the answers in your mind. trust what you get and do not tell others what your guides’ names are. you do not want others calling them..there is vibration in names. when you are done, thank them, then thank archangel Michael and ask him to bless and protect you and to close the session. simple as that for the asking. try it and let me know how it goes…one thing, do not forget to close sacred space or it will get corrupted and things could go bump in the night….this is important. lotsa love, light and goodness, marianne

          • tinene says:

            Hello Marianne I was reading one of the comments on a video of yours on YouTube do you have a couple books coming out this month? : )

          • magic says:

            hello! so glad you asked….the books will be released next year. the process is taking a wee bit longer than initially estimated. I will make a video to announce when they are released. thanks so much for asking. always great hearing from you! blessings of all that is good, marianne

  21. tinene says:

    OK if I could I would hug you! 🙂 I just tried briefly the index finger method, I felt the energy line up immediately! Your help is great thank you yet again! My sceptres are still in their cleanse. So I can not try that yet. I will check back with you because I need some more sea salt! I kinda went sea salt crazy! When I get some tomorrow the quartz cluster method resonates with me! I do not have a Tibet quartz but I have a really clear Arkansas quartz cluster I love! I will get back to you soon! Livelovelaugh always Tinene Namaste

    • magic says:

      fabulous! that little technique seems so simple, yet it truly is powerful; I am so happy you tried it and had success using it! wonderful! I agree, one can never have enough sea salt..i have bags of it on hand, always! the Arkansas quartz cluster could work as well…clusters scatter energy and often times, with too much psychic work or too much thought process, the chi can accumulate, so these techniques are handy for any lightworker to gain balance. many blessings to you! marianne

  22. tinene says:

    Hey Marianne, thought I’d just say hello with out asking any questions for a change! Take care livelovelaughalways Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello tinene!
      how lovely you would take the time to say hello! you made my whole night happy! thank you so much. many blessings to you with everything good, wonderful and filled with love and light! Marianne 🙂

  23. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne! OK next question. I am trying to get an understanding of the differences and advantages of Tarot vs Angel cards. I see that you have several videos on Tarot cards .with the different suits. Is there one that you would consider the “first ‘” video? Have you used Angel cards ?thanks Livelovelaugh always Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello…this is an excellent question!!! I would recommend starting with the major arcana video part 1-3, court cards, then the suits, in that order. the tarot is a very complex deck with interlocking energies..i think someone could spend lifetimes studying it. the major arcana are archetypical cards and when woven neurologically, tarot grids may be built. archetypical magic is the magic of forging contracts with ancient energies of transmutation. the tarot is also used for forecasting the future, telling of the past and all sorts of other information…remember, though, nothing is written in stone and the reading of tarot is always changeable; you have the power to change everything. angel cards are new on the metaphysical arena. the angels are arcturians and have great healing abilities as well as surgical skills. the 4 directions are held by 4 archangels – you can watch the video about the 4 directions for information on that. the angel cards describe angelic energies who may be called upon for help as the angels serve mankind without judgment and they are very powerful forces. an excellent source to learn about the history of tarot is mystical origins of the tarot by huson. according to huson, the tarot can be traced back to the Egyptian mystery schools and this art was resurrected and preserved by the order of the golden dawn. students of the tarot from this order designed various decks – the well known rider-waite and morgan-greer are examples. Crowley, also from the golden dawn, designed a most complex deck – I like to call it the multi-dimensional deck because it really does incorporate the interlocking energies of the tarot and is the deck I use for grid building. I like to read with the morgan-greer. when using the tarot, generally the cards are read in patterns, placed upon the table. each card influences another and is interpreted according to the adjacent cards and placement of cards and symbols. how I use angel decks is to pull one card for a fast reading if I need it. other people will pull more than one card at a time. in a nutshell, to answer your question, the tarot is a traditional scrying and grid building tool and deals with archetypical energies. The angel cards speak of acturians or angels who are powerful entities assigned to help us. The angel cards are not traditional scrying tools from ancient mystery schools and seem to be a new contribution to this age of enlightenment. I hope this has been helpful. thanks so much for your question. always a pleasure hearing from you. lotsa love and light, marianne

  24. tinene says:

    Great thank you for helping to make sense of that! I will start w the videos n then check out the reading material! I am also very very appreciative for the info and video on Nuumite! It has helped me going out around others soon much! Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      you are very welcome, Tinene!! always a pleasure to hear from you! I am so happy the response was helpful. yes, nuummite is an amazing stone for empaths! when I got my first piece, I was thrilled at the results. good you are finding success with it as well. many blessings of everything wonderful! marianne

  25. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne! Long time! Have another doozy for ya! 🙂
    I have a little person that is i am convinced a little ray of golden light. People are drawn to her in an amazing way. She makes you want to hug her. I have until this year home schooled my kids. However, she started in Kindergarten and her teacher is just as enamored with her as i am. I know that it takes time for them to build an immune system but she has kept a cold or sniff all year. I realized the other day that her teacher had been moving her all around the class, she said because she wanted my little one to be a good influence on them. I took my daughter to a classmates birthday party and when i was introduced to the little girls mother her daughter said my mom loves your daughter! and the lady looked a little embarrassed and said yes she is so sweet i always tell my daughter to sit next to your daughter so that she stays out of trouble. Another mother also said similar things. Now to the point sorry! I was wondering if this could be a drain on her. Or should i help her with any techniques? My first thought was to send her with a crystal? However, i think that crystals can be over powering after a short tiime for kids. I as usual am not sure if i am thinking too much into things. If i am not going over the top please give me some advice!thanks as always livelovelaugh Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello Tinene!
      Always a pleasure hearing from you. you are not over-the-top whatsoever – every one else is! your daughter should be allowed to be a kid – her aura is still developing as is her brain. they are teaching her to take responsibility for others and that is definitely a drain. you certainly can teach your daughter a little of the art of self defense and maybe a nuummite bracelet or pendant might really help her and you could program it to protect her. also, sheen obsidian is another excellent stone….those come in stretch bracelets and might be a nice form of protection; however, the stones should be programmed. also, you could teach your daughter to decord from everyone at the end of the day. it sounds like your daughter has empathic abilities and some other psychic gifts as well; I am thinking she may have her dna already upgraded and people are unconsciously intrigued by her purity, compassion and innocence. she is from a higher dimension. privately teach your daughter as she is ready, simple stuff, to help preserve her energy. remember, she will need to know this as she becomes an adult. you do not want her aura cracked or torn or corded to anyone who wants her light. this happens to empaths. she could bring in the golden light through the top of her head and fill her heart chakra center until the light expands to fill the room and she can release it…that will seal her aura. she should do that daily. teach her little things and help her to respond. if an empath is taught to serve others at an early age, it can set them up for chronic energy drains in adulthood, which manifests as chronic illness. I like your idea of employing stones as protection. this is very important and I am so glad you raised this issue. children should have the opportunity to be kids and gifted children may be taught about the art, but gifted children should never do psychic readings, healings or transmutations (that is what empaths do) – they have to first learn how to be human and that is difficult for these talented kids. and, because they are still developing, to be burdened with the responsibilities of others is a form of shaming them because they are just children and cannot possibly understand the enormity of their talents in relationship to humanity. you are spot on with your assessment. I hope this feedback is helpful. lotsa love, light and everything good, marianne

      • tinene says:

        Thank you again as always! I have a small piece of nuumite that I will make into a pendant ! I believe that I have read this should be set in sterling silver. I am glad that I did not hesitate to seek advice from you. I was also going to ask about the term “Indigo Children” I have a book that I have read on them and watched some videos. Recently I heard that this may not be the best description. Thanks Tinene

        • magic says:

          Hello Tinene! You are most welcome! I am always very happy to answer questions; so please do not hesitate to ask. And again, it is very good you asked about Indigo Children. Lavandar, an astrologer, author and advanced being; who coined the term Indigo, provides an explanation of this term on her web site. Here is a web link to her page http://www.starseedhotline.com/definitions.htm#indigos where this term is properly explained. Many others, after hearing this term, have written volumes of books and electronic media with misinformation – this is why I always encourage people to thoroughly research a topic until the original source is discovered. I hope this web link clears up the Indigo definition. I so enjoy these conversations because as we share knowledge, we evolve and learn more. Thank you so much for your most welcomed question. Blessings of love, light and everything joyful, Marianne

  26. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne! I wanted to let you know about an incident that i recently learned alot from at work. I am aware that i can be affected by others emotions but i did not realize how in depth it was. Today at work was the first time that i was able to trace the overload back to the source, or moment of impact if you will. While in the room with two individuals working together i was simply a witness to their encounter. I wish i could break down the entire situation but i will be respectful of time and space here. I ended up having to leave the room because i was feeling so much frustration. That i truly was thinking was my own. This happened around 10:30am and it was not until 4:30 pm that i was able to trace my steps back to when i started feeling this way. When i recognized the source and that these were not my true emotions i felt such relief.!! and it changed my entire outlook on things. I must continue to recognize these occurrences sooner so that i do not spend my entire day with someone else’s baggage! I had to say thanks to you , and friends that understand my situation as well as the great book recommendation that you made to me! livelovelaugh always Tinene continuing to grow!! One last thing… this empathic GIFT if you will is nothing to ignore… since this situation i have traced several situations in life that my taking on others emotions caused ME to feel soo down that i felt my only recourse was a permanent EXIT. !! thankfully i know myself better then that and i was able to change my environment but not until this day did i realize that being an empath was the reason i took such a downward spin from someone else’s emotions!!.

    • magic says:

      hello! hello, my friend! I am so glad you posted this comment! so many people go through the day, carrying some one else’s emotional baggage and stuff. for people with the gift of empathy, this can be an overwhelming situation that leads to depression and sickness – and the worst part is that we cannot process the stuff of others. good you recognized it for what it is!!! Yvonne Perry wrote the book “Whose Stuff is This Anyway?” and it has a wealth of information and some very effective techniques that are easy to do – a must read for empaths!!! I love her techniques….and the very first is to recognize what feelings are yours and what feelings belong to some one else. we are never responsible for the feelings of others. i believe Empathy is a DNA upgrade – many people cannot feel empathy; however, for those of us that have this gift, it can be challenging to navigate this dimension. it is my hope that the DNA to enable empathy will be turned on for others more and more as we evolve. I am so glad you shared this with us because so many people who are empaths feel alone and overwhelmed. thanks so much for sharing. lotsa love and light, Marianne

      • Yvonne Perry says:

        Thank you so much for mentioning my book for empaths!


        • magic says:

          hello Yvonne! it is my absolute pleasure and honor to recommend your book, “Whose Stuff is This Anyway” for empaths! Your work has provided some simple, yet very effective, techniques to help empaths navigate this dimension. Thank you very much for the amazing work you do. Lotsa love and light, Marianne

  27. Nimi says:

    Hi Marianne, I just wanted to ask you about moldavite and how you feel about it, any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

    • magic says:

      hello! Moldavite is an amazing mineral – from the cosmos, this gem is very useful in connecting us to the cosmos, the overworld, the star nations! after cleansing this stone, i like to open Incan Elemental Sacred Space ( http://www.underworldclassroom.com/2013/01/incan-elemental-sacred-space/ ) and hold the moldavite with the intention of connecting to the Overworld of Light. I ask and receive questions on subjects and have found this stone to be very useful in elemental magic and communication to the star nations, especially when i want to understand a particular concept. i, personally, do not like to carry this around with me all the time because i feel too ungrounded when i do; however, for some metaphysicians who do carry this stone around with them, they report a constant and deeper connection to their stellar home. i would recommend working with moldavite in short at-home sessions at first and try going for a walk with the stone to see how you feel. it is a personal decision dependent upon experience. i find it to be very powerful and like to only use it for sacred meetings with the star nations when i really want to be a clear answers and i want these answers right away. i have been successful in using this stone for this purpose. it is a very potent and powerful gem, gifted to us from the cosmos! thank you for your question! love, light, and blessings, marianne

      • Nimi says:

        Awesome! Thank you so much!! Yes I was definitely curious what you thought about having it on you all the time, how did you know that was the answer I was seeking 😉 I find when I have it on me too much, crazy things tend to happen and not all of them are necessarily good. I enjoy its intensity, but sometimes find it hard to balance. Thanks so much! Blessings.

        • magic says:

          oh, i am so happy i was able to be of assistance. i remember that was my experience with moldavite and i can only take it in small doses because it is a very intense stone; i like how you described it that way! it is very difficult to balance if worn all the time. it really does pack a punch! thanks so much for you comment! lotsa love, light, blessings and everything fabulous!! marianne 🙂

  28. Nimi says:

    Hi Marianne, I just wanted to ask you about moldavite and your feelings toward it. Thanks!

  29. Connie M. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Marianne, hope all is well. Marianne, somehow I knew that I had powers but I didn’t know how to use them… I want to use my brain and powers to its full capacity so I started searching for answers to my questions then I saw you with “blessings” you resonated with me, I watched some of your videos but I would like to know more… do you recommend a text for your class? do I need to register? how does it work?
    Hope to hear from you soon



    • magic says:

      hello Connie! thank you for your most welcomed comment and for watching the videos at underworldclassroom! right now, all the videos are completely free. i am working on putting together some text, mp3s, videos and books that i am hopeful will have information that is helpful. there are many ways to increase your brain power and the best way is to meditate. there are many ways to meditate – some disciplines recommend clearing the mind completely; i personally like to bring all the colors, one at a time, into my crown chakra and down through my body and into the ground. then i bring these colors up again from the ground and release them through my crown chakra. that keeps my energy field strong. i also like to do what i call projection meditation – now you have given me an idea for a video! thank you!!! always looking for more ideas – the projection technique exercises the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the brain but has a lot to do with psychic ability. the first thing i tell my students is to turn off the tv because it is mass hypnosis – a lot of subliminal messages. i will upload, very soon, some recommended books for the metaphysician’s library that i think you might find helpful in your studies. please feel free to visit http://www.underworldclassroom.com/ and please do not to hesitate to ask any questions! we are always uploading more videos and soon we will be offering some specific studies. thank you so much! many blessings of good, happiness and love, marianne

      • Connie M. Gonzalez says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. Marianne, I believe I am a lightworker but, is there a way for me to remember once and for all the wisedom within me. I know time is precious and we are running out of time, meditation is new for me but I am willing to learn how to meditate so that I can access all that infinite knowledge that I came with. How can I get rid of this density for it is not just our planet’s density but also the density within. I CRYED WHEN I SAW YOUR VIDEO CALLING ALL LIGHTWORKERS TO HELP OUR FATHER SKY AND OUR MOTHER EARTH BECAUSE EVERYTHIN YOU SAID IN IT RESONATES WITH ME SINCE A LONG TIME AGO…I just didn’t know that my inner/higher self wants to be without such density so that I can accomplish the purpose of my being here, on earth…I’ve learned to love this planet, and I want to be without the density effect that has been preventing me from being COMPLETELY the divine being that I AM. Marianne, Thank you so much for you are a blessing that came to me when I was searching for answers. In love and light always.


        • magic says:

          hello Connie, it is my absolutely pleasure and i am very happy to help. if you wonder if you are a lightworker, then you are or you would not be interested whatsoever in your spirituality. i am only holding up a mirror to you and when you look at my videos, you are seeing yourself. 🙂 yes, you are right, time is accelerating, but we have all of infinity and we can work from that dimension of the eternal now – ok, how do you do that? with love and knowing this is an illusion. we are a walking paradox here – we know we are spiritual beings and we know we are in a dense world – we have to learn to walk between both worlds – one foot in each! so here you are, a lightworker, wondering what your sacred mission is here (one foot in the spirit world, sending out that divine question) and feeling so dense and wondering what to do with that (one foot in the 3rd dimension). so it is. we walk in both worlds, that’s how we do it! and we find each other! so you already that which you seek, the part without the density, and you can integrate it with the density, accept both, as difficult as it is – i know it feels foreign and strange – own the power of it and know you are the shaman in the background, remembering the mystery, and participating in this dimension as well. we seek to be in spirit so much because we miss our true “home” in the star nations; however, we are on a business trip of sorts – and interstellar business trip and we each have a mission. i think your question is an excellent question that every lightworker wonders at some point – what is my mission? and isn’t it something that we came with a veil of forgetting that? there is a reason – as we learn to lift that veil, we create a resonate wave for others who desire the veil to be lifted. so, part of your mission is learning how to lift the veil. the secret is within your own heart – i will ask you, what has meaning to you? what do you love about this place? what on this earth dimension has mattering, real heart felt mattering above everything? there can be more than one answer. meditate on that, know it can change a bit. when i asked myself about this, i love to share what i learn from others and from the Light. i love to teach. i love answering this question and helping you. because i love these things (no density), it brings me joy. there are other things i love such as animals, plants, cooking and learning – but above all, i love to figure things out and share what i learn. so, i conclude, this is my mission because i never tire of it. consider what it is that you love, not learned to love, but what you naturally love and you will find your purpose. it is not about getting rid of the density, you will in time, we all will. but for now, you are here, and in this density, you are here to bring Light, knowledge, Love, something – what do you love in your heart of hearts? your soul will speak to you. if you get stuck, ask your spirit guides and angels of light to bring you this answer on the lips of strangers. you may be a ambassador of sorts for the overworld or one who connects – you know you came here do to something…you are ready to receive your assignment if you are asking this question, but always ask for the answer to come with ease and grace and no drama. it is my pleasure to connect with you – if i can help you more with this, let me know. first, begin with Love, what you Love! the rest will follow. Blessings of Love, Light, and Truth, Marianne

          • Connie M. Gonzalez says:

            Thank you so very much for your immediate reply. I thank you also for your suggestion. I will focus on your questions. Marianne, I visited http://www.777elaje.com and watched the movie and parts 01- part 07 of his videos. I want you to know that answers are coming to me just like you said, with ease, grace and no drama, and I am very grateful for this. I’ll get back to you soon for I have thinking and research to do. Marianne thank you so much and know that I love you like my younger sister who is full of an incredible love and wisedom. May all the blessings of what’s good, holy and true shower you always. Sincerely, Connie.

          • magic says:

            hello Connie! this is wonderful that you enjoyed the information! this is fabulous news that you are connecting so elegantly – yes, all we have to do is ask and listen! i am so happy you are having results! this shows how truly magical you are! thank you so much for your blessings and love – i can fell the beautiful energy! many blessings of love, light and all that is good! Marianne

  30. Connie M. Gonzalez says:

    Hello Marianne, blessings. Just wanted to know if you received my email
    Hope to hear from you soon. Be light, Be love and Be happy.


    • magic says:

      i will check the email now. i look forward to reading it! thank you so much. blessings and love, marianne

  31. Connie M. Gonzalez says:

    Good after noon Marianne, I hope you are doing great. I answered your email, but I am beginning to think that I forgot to send it to you, cause lately there are so many things in my mind and I forget, do things half way trough or reply but forget to send it, it happened to me a couple of times already. I apologized for this. I am also aware that you are a very busy instructor, so please don’t feel preassure, answer/reply to me at your convenience. Thank you so much and once more my apologies. In love and light.

    • magic says:

      i will check my email now! sometimes it takes a bit of time for me to get to the emails, but i will do that now! many blessings and love, marianne

  32. vanita says:

    Dear Ms.Marianne,
    Thanks a lot for posting the video on psychic surgery and great explanation on the sceptre choices to be made.
    You are a great listener, and the video on infertility will help those suffering from inability to achieve pregnancy.
    Thanks a lot,

    • magic says:

      hello Vaneta! you are most welcome! i am very happy this was informative and helpful. you are such an inspiration! you will find that as you work with the energies and you weave your intention in with the technique, the results can be amazing. thank you so much for taking the time to leave your most welcomed comment! blessings of everything wonderful, good, sacred and true, marianne

  33. tinene says:

    Hello Marianne ! Just a quick note first I love the birch tree you have as a back ground they are so beautiful! I always ask the ones in my yard if they are willing to spare some of their bark because it makes excellent kindling ! 😀 but most importantly I wanted to see how you were doing! But I see from your recent videos you are looking so radiant! And most important You look truly happy and at peace! Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello Tinene! Always a pleasure and joy to hear from you!! i agree, the birch trees are absolutely beautiful, just love them! they remind me of ancient writing paper! 🙂 thanks for your most welcomed compliment on the photo – i could not resist taking the picture as i walked by! and it is always important to ask the trees and all of nature permission before taking anything. i do that before i pick a flower – i ask, “who wants to be cut and put into a vase and join me for dinner.” and i only cut those who give me their permission! things here are great! summer is my favorite season, but i do love all seasons – each has their own beauty. wishing you lotsa love, light, peace, joy and everything good! marianne

      • tinene says:

        Hello Marianne 😀 I hope life is filled with love and light! I wanted to say thank you for your most resent video on scepter s I can see that helping so many. I was wondering if you can do or let me know if I have missed it on your site about magical tools! I could not make out the name of the tool you used to cut the cords. Also I was very interested in the idea of using a feather. I know this may seem a silly question but are there only certain species of bird feathers you can use or would it be OK to find a feather shed from a bird naturally during a molt. I have a bird that has beautiful blue and green feathers that i have kept because i find them so pretty, but like I said not sure if it has to be specific species. Thank you in advance for your time. Namaste Tinene

        • magic says:

          hello! hello! always a pleasure hearing from you!! the name of the tool i use to cut cords is novaculite – here’s a quote from wikipedia about it “Novaculite is a form of chert or flint found in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma and in the Marathon Uplift of Texas. Novaculite is considered to be highly siliceous sediments and may be a product of the low-grade metamorphism of chert beds.” mine is embedded into a deer antler – deer medicine is used for tracking and this was gifted to me by a native American shaman who i know had reverence for the animal. feathers are excellent tools used for cutting cords or clearing the energy field of the auric body. according to hoodoo tradition, black hen’s feathers are put into a feather duster instrument and the auric field is brushed from top down. i love using a blue jay feather to cut cords – jay feathers really pack a punch. i always cleanse the feather and meditate upon the animal diva and get permission before i use it. some like to wrap the end of the feather in red thread and leather stripping over the thread. the red thread keeps the blood of the animal spirit alive. it is absolutely ok to use a feather you find in nature. when you go for a walk, ask the nature divas and bird divas to leave you a feather and be mindful to look on the ground….always in sacred space, so say a prayer of protection before you invoke the diva kingdom so no trickster energy comes into play. experiment with the different feathers. you will feel a sort of energetic whisk as you use the feather – that is the astral junk leaving, including the cords. about the magical tools question – was there a specific magical tool you wanted to know about or do you want me to make a video about magical tools, and if so, what sort of tools specifically, are you interested in learning about. and there is never a silly question – all questions are absolutely delightfully valid! i always enjoy hearing from you. lotsa love, light and everything good, marianne

          • tinene says:

            Hello Marianne i hope this email finds you safe happy and healthy. OK so I have been thinking of a reply by going over videos that you already have available. And a lot of the questions I had have been answered by separate videos. I did want to check to see if an flint arrowhead can be used for cutting cords? However, I was wondering if you can explain setting up an alter, and sacred space. Like a from beginning to end set up with the supplies. I’m sure there may be different types of alters. But I’m looking for something to set up grids on, do meditations near, lighting candles . Any guidance with this would be so greatly appreciated. The more details the better like would certain colors be needed, does it matter where in the house, should you include plants, or flowers ? I appreciate and thank you in advance for all your wisdom and guidance! Namaste! 😀

          • magic says:

            Hello Tinene!!! absolutely, a flint arrowhead would be an excellent tool for cutting cords! excellent, indeed! there are many ways to set up an alter, depending upon the intentions and you have given me a great idea for another video. this subject could actually be a series of videos as would be sacred space! the suggestion to explain sacred space with more depth is a necessary requirement and i am working on a book for this subject. sacred space is a fundamental of magic; for magic to work, sacred space, which is really psychic boundaries, is an imperative for anyone working in the magical arts. these are valid points and on the video “to make” list!!! thanks you so much for bringing this up. in the mean time, i would advise deepening your rapport with your unseen friends and angels and masters of light, asking them for protection and guidance. the placement of alters in the home is the art of feng shui; however what you put on the alters and colors is dependent upon your intentions. for example, if you want to write a book and want the communication to be clear, you would work with the color blue, blue gems and balance it with fire gems for passion, earth gems for grounding, air elemental symbols for ideas – just as examples. one word of caution, it is always best to use only the tools you NEED and never clutter your magic with too much stuff, “just in case” or it dilutes the magic and energy. so keep it all focused. most magic is 99.5% prep and .5% execution. videos about this till be made after the holidays. as always, thank you for your questions and in the meantime, use your intuition and keep the energy as clear as possible. lotsa love to you!

  34. James says:

    Hey Marianne! I saw your youtube channel thought it was wonderful, I have a quick question, Ive been getting into spirituality alot, meditating alot, and trying to open my 3rd eye. Ive noticed things are starting to fall inline and old memorys/dreams that didnt make sense are now starting to, one was a giant snake that was in-front of 3 temples and another was snakes in my bed, now that im more aware of nature and creation i seem to be seeing snakes everywhere, is this normal and im also picking up alot of other peoples wisdom especially poets and artists with high frequency personalities but lacking akind of stillness, so my question is should i get a crystal ball to meditate on because i was thinking about just some candles ontop of some water?

  35. tinene says:

    Thanks Marianne, I look forward to those videos! 😀 I will follow your advice on the Arch Angels and spirit guides!
    Have a wonderful holiday season! So excited about the videos! Livelovelaugh

    • magic says:

      you are most welcome, Tinene!!! it is always a pleasure hearing from you and i certainly do appreciate your excellent questions and video ideas!!! i wish you a very happy holiday season and blessed solstice!!! lotsa love!

  36. Tinene says:

    Hello Marianne,
    I hope this message finds you happy and healthy! I have recently acquired a cast
    iron cauldron at a local antique shop. I was wondering how I would go about clearing it? At
    this point I have filled the bottom with Coarse sea salt and wrapped it in paper and placed it inside a box. Do you think that is enough or should I be doing anything else.
    Also I was recommending your website to a friend as I often do and this is the first time someone asked me what “Under World Classroom” meant. I was unsure so I thought I would ask. Thanks you in advance for all the knowledge that you are always so willing to share with us! Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      hello hello Tinene!!
      you are on the right track clearing your cast iron cauldron. when we purchase things that have been pre-owned or from antique shops, they may have energy impressed upon them that you want to clear. sea salt is an excellent cleansing tool – i would add rosemary, the universal magical substitute for magical herbs, with the sea salt. i would clear it for 3 moon cycles because you do not know what the cauldron was used for previously. use your pendulum or intuition to check and i would clear the salt and rosemary mixture monthly right before the dark moon.

      i am so glad you asked the question about what underworldclassroom means. i have to do a video on this because it is a term that may be misunderstood. the underworld refers to the unconscious or collective consciousness – the zero point field we may all tap into for information – the connection to the Source of Love, the Source of All or God. So Underworld in this context means the zero point field where all knowledge resides and where we may tap or connect with for information – knowledge. Clasroom is learning. So this web site and the term Underworldclassroom, in a nut shell, means the connection to the zero point field of knowledge and its teachings. it was hard to find the right term to describe this and Underworldclassroom seemed to be the best. The connection to the unconscious mind, which is more conscious than the conscious mind, has no judgments or programs. So it is also a place without judgments. unfortunately, the term Underworld was changed to have dark meanings and that is a matrix definition of it. i will have to do a video on this and explain it. i am so glad you raised this question.

      if you need information on when the dark moon is, please feel free to refer to my video on moon phases and magic:


      love and blessings to you,

  37. tinene says:

    Great 😀 thank you thank you! I knew u had a deep and thought out meaning. I am glad that I asked because
    This term does carry a negative tone to some. I thankfully looked at your videos prior to thinking too much of the name
    Of your website. I think so many on our path can benefit from you. I just would hate to see others miss out on the Wealth Of Knowledge you have and Share with Those of us who seek it. As always I am immensely grateful for your time. Namaste Tinene

    • magic says:

      I am so glad you inquired about this because the term does have a negative implication to some. When i was brainstorming the name of the site, i remember thinking about the unconscious mind and how it connects to the Source of Knowledge and how the Shamans use journeying to access this underworld for answers to help in healing practices and other concerns. Of course there are many ways to access it and i believe when we engage our intuition, we tap into this information. i always appreciate your kindness and encouragement and this keeps me motivated! i am grateful for all your input and for watching. love, peace and everything wonderful! thank you.

  38. janet says:

    Hello. I just kind of stumbled into your site. I am new to all of this “non-traditional” spiritual stuff but did grow up in protestant church. I had always felt like something was missing there. In 2012 I attempted suicide. I won’t bore you with details but I barely survived and afterward swore off religion completely but not God. My studies of alternative religions has lead me into exploring angels, crystals and guides. I believe I survived death for a special purpose and am seeking to discover what that might be and what direction to go. I fear hurting my family because they are still very much into traditional religion and will think I have lost my mind! I am not out to change their thinking, though as I do believe that each person’s path is individual. The important thing is to truly seek it and the one that is right for you in this lifetime will present itself to you.
    I am being drawn towards healing. Maybe learning reiki. But I am a nurse and don’t know if it is just my history that makes Mr think that. What is the best way to seek my path? I am also thinking more of a spiritual healer as my past has taught me much about being true to myself, grief,guilt,depression and betrayal.thanks for any advice you can give. I

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you for your comment. yes, everyone’s path is different and you are right to respect the paths of others as well as your path! you are already in the healing arts, serving as a nurse and you can certainly expand your healing abilities to include Reiki, tat is a very good place to start. the best way to seek your unique path is to follow your bliss…but how do you do that? you can use 4 innate tools – when confronted with a choice if something is right for you, pause and ask yourself: 1. what do i think of this choice? 2. what does my body tell me about this choice? do i get a knot in my tummy? does my hair stand up on my neck? does my body feel ok? 3. how do i feel emotionally about his choice? do i feel happy? scared? do i feel calm? 4. what does my intuition tell me? is there something that says this is ok but i can’t tell why? or is there something off but i don’t know exactly what it is? —-there are 4 components that speak to us daily, 4 things within us that we can use to decide and make good choices. these 4 things are our mind, body, emotions and intuition. it takes a bit of practice to really connect to these because we were taught to disconnect and follow formulas set up for us by society. you are the world’s leading authority on your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and intuition. by integrating these 4 things, you can develop self-trust, something we all have been taught to ignore. you have done very well to survive the hell of suicidal thoughts and now you are in a position to help others. if you follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance, you will know your path. if you are not sure, put one toe in and check the 4 tools and be with what your inner guidance tells you…when you feel on all 4 levels to proceed, you will know, without doubt, what to do. thanks so much for sharing because so many people wonder what the answer is to this very question; for each of us it is different. also, another technique to combine with the above is to ask the universe to present you with opportunities to explore your healing abilities that are in alignment with your soul and the highest good. as these opportunities are presented, you can then decide if they are right for you and you can modify the request to the universe as you go. lotsa love, marianne

  39. Janet says:

    Thank you, Marianne, for your excellent advice! I had kind of been thinking “if it feels good do it” and I guess I was on par…now I know what to check in the matter of what should feel good with those four questions. I have found it hard to trust my own instincts. You are so right about how the conformity we have been taught causes us to lose touch with our true selves. I will ask for guidance in self discovery and to be shown my path of greatest good. I will give you updates as they come! Namaste Janet

  40. Sandra says:

    Dear Marianne, thank you so much for your work and for the help in awakening. You make a difference in the world and you are a good role model to everyone.
    Right now I am watching your scepter videos and I am wondering if I can use a skeletal quartz scepter with windows on each side of the termination point. I am talking about a fenster quartz scepter that has the unique formation caused by internal and external dissolution growth which is the result of unstable conditions during crystallization. Will it work as a tool or the complex interior skeletal structure which has created many windows and chambers within the crystalis going to disperse the energy flow?
    Or maybe the crystal just looks as a scepter because it has been damaged, but it does not have the essence of a scepter. Because most Fenster quartz specimens I saw were not scepters, they were double terminated. So maybe one termination now looks like a scepter rode.
    Fenster quartz probably needs a longer than 3 months cleansing due to its more complex structure. Is my assumption valid?
    Also, Can I use the techniques you talked in the scepter videos on me?
    Thank you again for everything you do!

    • magic says:

      Hello and thank you for your most welcomed comment!!

      you most certainly can use a skeletal quartz scepter with windows – a fenster quartz (one of my absolutely favorites!) scepter is for a specific healing purpose.

      the windows on the crystal you describe will help you to read other lifetimes and problems that carry over or bleed through from other lifetimes into this lifetime and cause chronic problems. the fenster configuration on this scepter will assist you to find hidden causes and raise the reason for the disease to conscious level. as healers we can only suspend the symptom but if the source of the problem is not raised to a lucid and conscious level, the patient will re-create it by the same thought process, emotion and pattern. the issue must be corrected on a conscious level for the healing to have sustaining power.

      the tool you describe is an advanced tool to work through chronic health issues such as CFIDS (chronic fatigue syndrome), MS, Fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune diseases and chronic patterns.

      the chambers and formation are programs from Lemurian temples and star nations for specific healing.

      3 months should clear your crystal; however, since it is such an advanced tool, you might want to check it with a pendulum after 3 months to make sure it is ready for use.

      sounds like you have a very advanced tool and it found you, as a healer, to wield its power.

      yes, you can use this crystal on yourself, just watch the angle and aim of it so you don’t sever any necessary chords. go slowly.

      this is very exciting and you should be able to tap into your Lemurian lifetimes to remember how to use this crystal. you have to be a skilled healer for such a crystal to have come into your keeping. i will be interested to hear about your experience and findings as you work with this scepter.

      many blessings and thank you so much for your comment. i so enjoyed hearing about your crystal.

      • Sandra says:

        Maruanne, Thank you SO much for your response! I can feel the love and kindness flowing through you. And thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I would not be able to learn it anywhere else. Where did you start on your path of healing? What literature do you recommend, besides the books mentioned in the scepter videos? I am willing to learn everything there is to learn and share it with others, just like you 🙂 Thank you so much for caring to respond and follow up. I will keep you posted about my journey, if you wish.
        And unfortunately I am not a skilled healer. Right now I am just trying to gather as much information as possible. I feel some energies, sometimes I can see or smell them, but I need to lean more and work on my issues that disrupt my energy flow. I need to deal with an attachment in the abdomen area that is draining my energy.
        I think my crystal may not be a scepter. It is probably a double-terminated skeletal window quartz, and one of the termination points just broke off. I ma not sure. What do you think?

        • magic says:

          hello and thank you for your comment.

          there are three videos The Metaphysician’s Library part 1, part 2 and part 3 that have recommended reading at Underworldclassroom. Here’s a link to the videos:


          these videos will give you some good information. i always encourage reading and researching, keeping in mind you will run across some conflicting opinions about how to do things, i always recommend asking why – why is it done this way or that….if you study the old school stuff, it will all be congruent and when you ask why, you will understand this is really a science, the science of the unexplained.

          you are a skilled healer, you just have to develop the skill! and you are taking the right action, gathering information, studying and learning. things will open up as you do.

          the attachment in the abdomen area – would you please describe this? i might be able to recommend a technique that might be helpful.

          when a crystal loses a point, the point that broke off did so because that was the destiny. use that point as a surrogate crystal – you could bring it to seminars and when you return home, the information would be stored in the surrogate crystal. you would then place that point on various grids. you could program the bigger part and the point. you would leave the bigger part at home, maybe on a grid or executing the program and carry the little crystal with you as the surrogate, containing all the energy of the big part.

          i would have to see a picture of your crystal to tell you if it is a scepter or not. but generally, you can study the configuration of your crystal and compare it to images of crystal scepters and that will give you a pretty good indication of the formation. nevertheless, whatever the formation, the crystal found you and has information and programs in it for you.

          so wonderful to have this exchange.
          many blessings to you, marianne

  41. Sandra says:

    Dear Marianne, thank you very much for your insight and for taking your time to respond. I am going to tell you more about my attachment in my email (to underworldclassroom@yahoo.com ), if you don’t mind.

    • magic says:

      yes, please, feel free to contact me via email. 🙂 You could also go the the About Marianne button, hover over it and a contact prompt will come up. thanks! many blessings of all that is good

  42. Janine says:

    Hiiii! I’m Janine and Spirit guided me to you! Originally it was for a crystal called Elestial…it called me. Now, its for developing my gifts. I have a lot of gifts that just happen it seems like sometimes. I want to develop them. I recently had a nervous breakdown and was in a psych ward for like 2 weeks when I came out, I felt clearer and most connected to the plants and trees so I was drawn to shamanism. Now, I have this desire to love on some of these crystals because I feel like they have things to tell me! Could you possibly let me know how to get into energy healing? I know its what I’m supposed to do. I need a teacher but sometimes I feel like I can’t have one, that I need to teach myself… Very frustrating. I’m in Dallas Texas, if you know any shamans out here? I need help please…thank you!! ?

    • magic says:

      hi Janine! i am so glad you left this comment because what you are describing is called a spiritual emergency. many psychically talented people have “nervous breakdowns” and really what is happening is a spiritual emergency. typically, the shaman would take a person having this experience and teach that individual how to use their gifts, help them to develop their talents. the best approach is to go slowly. read as much on the topic as possible, which you may want to refer to the video series on the Underworldclassroom web site called the metaphysician’s library: http://www.underworldclassroom.com/?s=metaphysician+library&x=31&y=23 . see what calls to you. also, put out a prayer request to be led to the most appropriate spiritual teacher for you. it is difficult to teach yourself and in the course of learning, you may have many mentors. hopefully we all outgrow our mentors and move on to learn something new. i don’t know anyone in the Dallas area to recommend. if you purchased an elestial crystal, watch the videos on this web site about how to cleanse crystals and how to connect with them. there is a lot of information here. also be aware there are a lot of “teachers” who are more than willing to take your money and they don’t know what they are talking about, so make sure you go slowly with eyes wide open. don’t believe everything you are told, always question it AND it should make sense on some level. if you have questions on any of the videos, feel free to ask! 🙂 i always enjoy questions! welcome and so good to have you here! many blessings, Marianne

  43. Thank you! Your guidance has been impeccable!

    • magic says:

      thank you very much! 🙂 it is a pleasure hearing from you and please feel free to visit underworldclassroom again!

  44. Fly says:

    Heelo Maryann its good to speak to you again after so much time has passed. I feel like since we last spoke you were helps ng me with disassociation and with my clairvoyant abilities. You wefe right as always my gift has elevated to automatic writing. I was dream interpreting with automatic writing and reading ppl through writing. I have been having difficulty. Lately ive been under alot of anxiety around the time I was going through some family issues and personal and they were so traumatic that it lefted a little scarred. Ive been trying to figure out afgef dealing with my issues im still receiving anxiety I feel it in my solar plexus and sometimes I feel my 3rd eye kinda vibrating when I feel my solar plexus. I analyze why and im wondering if its psychic attack ive been experiecing the same symptoms. A family member thinks my gift has elevated more mediumistic like she thinks im becoming a medium. I will say ive been having more experiences like that and ive beem struggling with my gift because of it im running from myself and I feel like im losing control over myself daily tasks sometimes are managable but never the less the anxinety comes and goes and I seem to be very open hearted and very forgiving too so im wondering if you could grant me some guidance. Meditation has been a little difficult and I just want to know if itsvme or its my anxiety or if its a psychic attack. Ive tried visualization white light sage home cleansings and even salt baths. Ive had good days and bad days with anxiety and it was so bad I wanted to turn myself into the police or at the least confess everything about my life that I felt guilt like ive been a victim of my guilt for things 10 or 20 ,years ago. Could all these traumatic experiences ive had lately opened me up to psychic attack.. I feel more sensitive than usual im sensinng more empathically than ever.. Is this a sign im being attacked or is my gift elevating im just a little lost. Any help from you is always appreciated. Love and light and many blessings.

    • Fly says:

      It was so bad that at some point I wanted to stop practicing Magick, my best friend thinks im running from myself, and I feel guilt between Jesus and having my ability but then also another beautiful thing is that im receiving alot of signs or messages from God. Like this woman walked to my counter once and was telling me to go by to church and then said Jesus loves me and I just cried and cried and im feeling the love of God around me. I find myself praying alot and I don’t I just feel lost for the first time in a long time. Im so used to helping and guiding I dont know what to do I do appreciate any wisdom you could spare. Xoxoxo many blessings

      • magic says:

        don’t think of it as either/or – magic or jesus – you can have both! god gave us gifts and we have to learn the appropriate way to use them. you can light a candle and pray to jesus. when i do work clearing dark energy, i always call in jesus. the christ consciousness is the highest vibration we know of in this reality. i think the church teaches us all or nothing, but when considering some of the bibilcal stories, jesus sat with everyone and people were upset with jesus when he sat with tax collectors and prostitutes. but spirituality is a very personal thing and you have to explore your heart and soul and do what is right for you. when i was faced with this crisis, i told god to please allow me to explore other philosophies and to understand i am seeking the god consciousness….an all loving god would love. praying is a very good thing to do right now….pray for guidance as well…you can have church and magic – however, you can not use your gift to hurt anyone, not allowed to do that. Edgar cayce did readings and he was a christian. the wise men who came to see baby jesus were astrologers. jesus was a healer and teacher. the church is a business. but it does not make all the teachings wrong. study and determine what is right in your heart, mind, and soul. i hope this helps. many blessings of love to you, marianne

    • magic says:

      hello! anxiety can be from a few different things. if you are too open all the time, interpreting your environment, then your auric field gets compromised and you could be bumping into thought forms of others that you are a match to – in other words, if your auric field is too open, and you feel any worry, you would attract the thought forms of others and this would create anxiety. so, when you do psychic work, you would need to work in sacred space to protect yourself and you would need to learn how to fortify and seal your aura. the next most common thing to cause anxiety is when the subconscious mind sees something in your environment that is reminiscent of a threat, the brain will signal the adrenals to produce stress hormones and if this goes on, there will be more triggers associated with the associated threat. this will apply to emotions – complex post traumatic stress and post traumatic stress, which is triggered visually or with sensory perception. if you have anxiety that is not understood, take a look at your environment and see if there is anything reminding you of past trauma or check your emotions and check what emotion you had in the past that felt like this. anxiety can be unfinished business and since you mention family stuff, you may have some emotions to process out. anxiety can also be psychic attack or someone cording into you – you always have the power – psychic attack is just intense thought forms, so first protect yourself and close the door to unhealthy relationships. the solar plexus is where cording generally happens. another thing that can cause anxiety is entity attachment, although entity attachment generally causes insomnia and depression. if you have guilt, that is suppressed anger, so convert it to anger and get it out in a healthy way. keep processing it out until you are board with it, once you are board, you will know you are done. if you are doing more psychic work, it opens portals and can cause problems if you are not being properly mentored, protecting yourself, turning off your gift when you need to be human, and you will also need to be vigilant and study. things can go bump in the night, so to speak, and this would cause anxiety. it seems you are in the brink of a spiritual crises, so slow down. when stuff like this begins to happen, anxiety, unfinished family stuff, it is not the time for psychic exploration. if you do automatic writing to get answers for yourself, make sure you call upon a deity or archangel to protect you. open and close with a prayer. the increased empathy and sensitivity might be a break down of the seal on the auric field. this discipline is much like martial arts – first you learn to heal yourself, then you learn to do other things. meditation will be difficult if any of these things are going on because meditation requires peace before you begin and right now, with anxiety, there is not peace. if you have trauma, you need to heal it…and this is happening to you because you have the gift to help others heal…family members are generally those with whom you have karma, making it harder when considering family should be your support. so if you can, get some support for this as you process out the hurt and trauma. any unresolved issue can cause spiritual problems – so you have to deal with the guilt and hurt, emotionally express it until you are done with it, in a proper way, harm to none….i hope this is helpful. many blessings to you, marianne

      • Fly says:

        Thank you very much Marianne. I really appreciate the time you take to help me. I foo feel like I’m being spiritually attacked. I’m waking up with this clenched fish in my solar plexus. Like even today I can’t shake the thoughts from my head. I will do whatever it takes to get rid of this feeling. Thank you again Marianne. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you for your guildance as always. Ps. You have never let me down Earth angel. Thank you for supporting my beliefs.

        • magic says:

          We are all in this together! if we share information, we can help one another. i will be interested to learn of your progress. many blessings of everything good to you!

  45. Susan says:

    My name is Susan, I happened upon your website all I can say is Thank you for being there and doing the YouTube videos just Thank you.

    I did not navigate through the whole site but if you do do readings or console I would love to speak to you.

    Best Regards,

    • magic says:

      hi Susan, if you want to set up a session, please contact me via email. go to the prompt “about Marianne” and then contact. if you have any problems, you can also find me on Underworldclassroom page on face book. i look forward to hearing from you. lotsa blessings, Marianne

  46. Bojana says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your amazing knowledge and experience with us. You helped me to work on myself with confidence! Yes, confidence is what helps me to connect with myself. I feel supported. I know that you will do your best to help me and all of us to overcome our challenges. Thank you. Your gentle but powerful techniques and meditations helped me a lot in one to one session. If you have any meditations to download please let us know. I would love to be able to buy some. I love them. Bless you and many thanks. Bojana

    • magic says:

      hello Bojana! thank you very much for your kind comment! i am so happy i was able to help you and really, you are the one who is doing the work! you have given me a very good idea – to do meditations! i am going to work on that suggestion – this could be a very good tool to help people. many blessings of everything good, happy and true to you! thank you. lotsa love, Marianne

  47. LLB says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I am experiencing trouble with manifesting and spellwork, and hope you might have some insight how I can use my anger and rejection to fuel my manifestation of what I truly want. I have been affirming and even did a prayer of petition and some spellwork to get funding for my business for more than 6 months without success. I just learned that another business in my same industry just got funding – an amount that I would be happy to receive – and that business is very far behind mine. I have been livid ever since – I have intellectual property and national distribution while this other business that received funding has none of that and is only sold in one local store. I’m also furious that I’ve been trying the nice, happy way to manifest by staying positive and it’s done nothing. I’ve been using my feelings of anger and rejection as fuel and want to know how to do that so that I benefit myself and get what I want. Also, I don’t understand why my spellwork is not working. I’ve tried praying the psalms with candles, some hoodoo spells, and used Damon Brand’s 72 Angels and Words of Power without success. I’m now using another sigil book but nothing has happened. What am I doing wrong, and is my anger a key that can actually be a helpful tool? Thank you so much. I love your YouTube channel.

    • magic says:

      hello!!! hello!!! this can be very frustrating and what this means is, despite all your excellent spell work and magic, there is a blockage preventing you from receiving. you have created the desire, but it is not yet manifested….your magic is fine. receiving is high magic and there is a belief standing in the way of your deserved success….explore any beliefs you may have, and attitudes as well…such as “i am not good enough” or “i have to work harder” or “success only comes to people who work very very hard” or “i don’t deserve” or “other people don’t deserve…” if you feel the other business who is being successful does not deserve it for what ever reason…maybe because you know your business is better than theirs…you may be holding a belief if someone else is better than your business, you should not succeed….it can be very subtle like that…use your rage (which is justified) to explore why you are not succeeding and speak it aloud, maybe even record it and listen to it to find what it is about success and your beliefs about success that is not allowing you to receive. i hope this is helpful, you are doing awesome!! once you solve this blockage, the sky is the limit!!!

  48. Levi says:

    Hi Marianna,

    Thank you for all of your countless hrs and great work on the videos. I stumbled upon them a week ago or so and have been listening/watching a large number of them already. Many of which I watched 2 or 3 times to soak in small bits of details that may have been missed. Do you offer any kind of cirriculum or certification of your classes online? Thank you in advance and I hope you are having a Happy New Year!


    • magic says:

      hi Levi! so good to hear from you. i plan to release a video soon that will ask people what sort of classes they want to take. what course work are you interested in learning? i wish you a very happy new year and look forward to hearing from you. thank you. lotsa blessings of everything good, Marianne

      • Levi says:

        I seem to be drawn to learning about Decording and entity removal. Will you be offering certification in what you teach any time in the near future? Cords or otherwise?
        With regard to your video on Decording with novaculite: Where can someone purchase a novaculite knife? I found one online that has a sodalite handle and was wondering if this would be a good choice or would it be better to find something a shaman has made. Also would a gold sheen obsidian knife work as well or do you recommend novaculite?

        Also I have had an idea in my head for months now to create a set of chakra tools by combining black kyanite, moldavite, and petilite for the purpose of cord cutting. All of this is very much new and I wanted to make sure to learn as much as possible so that I could act responsibly when decording. Thank you again for all your hard work!!!

        • magic says:

          hi Levi! i am actually working on a book to address this very topic and it could be made into a course very nicely. when i have it fully edited and published, i will make an announcement and in the mean time, i will also work on the outline for this course. excellent suggestion. thank you. novaculite is the best to decord and one with a sodalite handle would work fine, but remember to always cleanse this tool each and every time you use it. i think obsidian is a very protective stone and could be used for this purpose, especially the golden sheen with the solar plexus; however, novaculite is the best for this purpose.

          the chakra tool you are designing will really give you a lot of psychic experiences, so it is a great tool to use for diagnostic purposes…the petilite is fabulous to open the 3rd eye and get visuals, which you would have to diagnose and be prepared to deal with. the pathology of the spirit is another book i am working on…you would want to have a grounding and a protecting stone handy when you use this to diagnose….protection is the black stones such as obsidian and black tourmaline.

          the art of sacred space is the most important fundamental to learn….so always remember protection, protection, protection when ever you do any energy work!

          if you are crossing souls over to the other side and dealing with entities and/or lost souls, make sure you have a practice to cleanse your self regularly…such as sea salt baths, crystals programmed to protect you, smudging, stuff like that.

          thank you so much for your questions and suggestions.
          lotsa love and peace, MArianne

          • Levi says:

            Excellent! Wonderful info and again a lot of great insight. I would be very interested in taking some of your courses if once ready they would be available online.

            As a child I had a small collection of crystals. Fast forward 30 years or so and I seem to be strongly drawn to collecting and working with them in the last couple of years. The only thing is that I do not “sense” crystal energy. Last year I picked up a large florite crystal in my right hand and when I went to touch it with the left it shocked me in the finger! (your video about circuits with crystals came to mind now) Was that sensing crystal energy? I went back to find and buy the florite but it was gone. Any advice of “opening up” to sense energies more? I am still watching/listening to many of your videos to learn from.

            In relation to one of your videos you mentioned that if someone does not sense or have insight while doing energy work they should not do it. I feel as though there is dormant potential within me but am not there yet. Last year during a reading I was told I was an emotional healer among other things. Again it seems like a lot of this new path information resonates with me but somehow I have not woken up to/embraced/or otherwise been able to step out of whatever is holding me back from this. Thank you so much for being dedicated to what you offer and for answering so quickly! I appreciate it! ~ Levi

          • magic says:

            hi Levi,

            i am so glad the vids are helpful! good!

            seems you are already sensing crystal energy – and that fluorite was there to show you that! it is ok the fluorite was gone, when a crystal is meant for our keeping, it will wait until you claim it. yes, that was sensing energy big time!

            the very first thing to learn about sensing energy or any energy work is sacred space – learning to have psychic boundaries. good you are not too open as that invites trouble…the video about sensing energy or having some sort of insight applies to energy workers who want to work on other people; so many with undeveloped talent get themselves and their clients into psychic trouble. practice on yourself first and go slowly. practice the crystal circuit and that will help you connect deeper to crystals.

            i think your hesitation is appropriate – shows you are an old soul with this…magic and all energy work needs to be approached with reverence. as you meditate, ask your guides to present you with information and techniques to better help you…ask for it to come from others and see what happens….when i get stuck, i ask my guides to give me clues with nature because there are always wild animals where i live and when i ask, i get messages from animals within hours….another thing you can do is ask for information to come to you during the dream state, but be prepared to record it all.

            i hope this helps
            lotsa love and light, Marianne

  49. Flyy says:

    Hi Maryann. It’s fly I know I haven’t talked to you since the last time we spoke and I was going through a spiritual crisis and you were right I needed to find myself again I legit lost in my fears in my past actions and thought I didn’t deserve forgiveness from Heaven itself. Luckily God put someone in my path at the right time to help me with this spiritual crisis of mine. I thought I was evil in every contrary way about my spiritual abilities I was ready to turn my back on my gift. Time has passed and I’ve fully embraced my gift and the fear is gone so I thank you for your guidance at the time you’re a blessing in disguise. I’ve had some unusual experiences since then and I was hoping you could help me with it. Since the summer I was meditation with herkimer diamond and there was a couple of experiences during my meditation that I heard my name being during the meditation. It was loud and clear and it was in my voice which freaked me out. The next day I attempted the meditation again and I was hearing voices calling out my name if that didn’t freak me out. Passing time and then my experiences changed. I was in a relatives house and out of nowhere I was sensing spirit and the spirit was my cousins dad and for some reason I mentioned a lot of information to her that I couldn’t possibly know and it was like I could see him in my mind. I’ve also having premonitions when I feel relaxed which has never happened and it’s still happening. I know our abilities are all about growing so my question is could it be possible that I’m turning into a medium and if that’s the case could you offer an advice how to handle this gift. I just feel more untuned to everything and I’m wondering if this is necessary and is there away to control it without calling lesser astral entities which I fear the most. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for always being a good mentor to me. I am truly thankful ?

    • magic says:

      hello Fly! isn’t it wonderful how when we need help, The Divine does put someone in our path. 🙂 you want to be able to have authority when this happens to you – learn the art of Sacred Space and don’t allow anything in unless you invoke it…..it does take practice learning to hold Sacred Space, but with enough practice, you will be able to do this at will and only when you call upon it. you do not want to be so open that it happens when it wants to, but only when you call it in. and yes, our abilities are opening…make sure you never drink alcohol when you practice channeling. if it happens when you do not call upon it, tell it, “not now!” and make it respect your boundaries. and when you call in sacred space, you will be protected from lower astral interference and earth bound entities, a very important point you make!! i hope this is helpful! please do not hesitate to ask if it is not clear. lotsa love, Marianne

  50. Flyy says:

    Thank you Maryanne I do appreciate it. You’re right I don’t practice sacred space enough so I will do the white circle of light meditation before that happens again so thank you for that. I had another question about meditation maybe this has happened to you or someone you know. Recently I was meditating in my room and I was seeing this kind of spiral lokingeye and I was seeing it in my minds eye and the more I concentrated on it it slowly formed into this beautiful runner of light with colors not seen the spectrum of colors it was so beautiful. I felt a sense of calm and peace and it was like I was going through it like a roller coaster. The more I stood focused in the tunnel I started hearing my name being called over and over and then I figured maybe I’m “crossing over” as ppl have reported during near death experiences they see the white tunnel and I was having full blown dialogue with my grams she spoke in English and then in Spanish and it was all a message of love. My question is, is it possible that during meditation can one simply “cross over” by force of will cause I really wasn’t on planning on that happening. I have been meditating with moldavite and it has increased a lot of these experiences so could it be the stone or does it come from me? Thank you again Marianne.

    • magic says:

      hello! with your psychic abilities expanding, sacred space is a spiritual imperative, so excellent call on practicing the white circle of light! that will keep you safe, no short cuts, though! 🙂 you might be tempted as you gifts unfold to higher levels, but always use sacred space for protection….you were not crossing over, but the tunnel is a portal – since you thought you were crossing over, you directed the portal to that dimension and saw your grams, very nice. knowing you have this gift of portal management, which the moldavite is very helpful in this energetic exploration, always use the moldavite and your mind to direct the portal and never practice this when you have fear or lower vibrations. well done!!! you are the one with the magic and the moldavite is helping or assisting you!! nice work! lotsa love, MArianne

  51. Flyy says:

    Godbless you Marianne, you have truly amazed me again with your patience grace and wisdom I can’t ever repay you but I pray Heaven bathe you in love and blessings beyond Years to come. You’re an angel of wisdom and I can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance. I will continue to work with sacred space and I continue to develop my gifts my wise teacher. It’s wonderful to have people in the world like you. Thank you again Earth Angel!!! A million thank you!! And have a wonderful special healthy and beautiful New Year!!!!!!! I will keep you informed and thank you for being my friend 🙂

    “Blessed are those who believe but cannot see”

    • magic says:

      hi Fly! thank you every so much for your kind words and energy….through your words, i can feel the beauty and love. it is comments like yours that motivate me to continue. lotsa love and everything good to you!!

  52. Elizabeth Ketrick says:

    I am happy to find you site and all your videos. I have always been interested in the metaphysical and anything to do with psychic development. I’m thinking I will be spending some time here and learning a lot. I appreciate you making all your experience and insights available to those of us that are just starting out. Thank you!

    • M Sarchino says:

      hello and welcome to Underworldclassroom!!! thank you for your comment and for watching the videos! please feel free to ask questions and visit my facebook page at Underworldclassroom . many blessings of everything good, Marianne

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