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  1. susan says:

    I tried several times to contact you on your website but it will not accept my email address even though it is correct. It says invalid email.

  2. mel says:

    Could you use a combination of infinite stones, kyanite with the sea salt and rosemary to really cleanse the scepter? Or burying it by a tree I think I heard somewhere that trees remove negative energies thank you for sharing all this wonderful information!

    • magic says:

      hello! I would recommend just using the sea salt and rosemary at first. after the appropriate time, when you remove the crystal from the sea salt and rosemary, then allow the new crystal to sit with the infinite stones and kyanite to absorb any residue from the trauma of Atlantean abuse. the concern I would have about using infinite and kyanite in the sea salt and rosemary is that the infinite would absorb a lot of negative energy, quickening the sea salt and rosemary effect and there is a potential for a rebound effect such that when the stones are removed, there could be a lingering implant that lodges in the infinite, and if it is a portal implant, it could cause problems…it is an interesting idea, though. I have heard that burying a crystal in fresh spaded dirt does heal it. I have not tried that method, so if you try it, I would be very interested in the results. so please post your observations if you decide to burry the crystal – this would be valuable information. if you decide to do this by a tree, talk to the tree and get its permission, then leave it some blue cornmeal or other sort of gift (food or flowers is welcomed). the elementals really appreciate gifts and will bless you for that. thank you so much for your comment and thanks for watching at . lotsa love and light, marianne

      • mel says:

        When I purchase one I will do that and let you know thank you for the tip on the blue cornmeal there are Pine trees in the backyard I would try this on Thank you very much

        • magic says:

          wonderful! I always love to hear about new crystal experiences! I will look forward to hearing from you at . the pine trees produce negative ions, very good for positive thought forms, so looks like you found the perfect place to feed the elements! should be an amazing experience! lotsa love and light! marianne

  3. i want to know the context of what nostradamus said about haarp

    • magic says:

      yes, it was very interesting. according to Dolores Cannon’s work in her Nostradamus series, it was described as a device to control the weather and later used as a weapon to create earthquakes. the individual under hypnotic trance described this device and Cannon stated it did sound like the HAARP machine; before I got to Cannon’s interpretation, I was thinking the individual was, indeed, describing the HAARP weapon. it was fascinating reading.

  4. Connie M. Gonzalez says:

    My friend Marianne, hope all is well. Marianne, did I brought me any karma by sending a Healing and Love spell using my crystal wand to one of my nieces, she had complications after delivering her baby, they were already expecting the worst? My sister had asked me to pray for them but I did more than just praying, I also casted the spell for several nights? If my actions carried me any karma for not asking permission, is there any way I can fix/correct my actions?

    Thank you so much for your advice
    Connie, In Love and Service

    • magic says:

      hello Connie! this is an excellent question! whenever i do any magic, i always give everything i do to the Holy Spirit/Creator God/Goddess – i ask that the spell/prayer be corrected and if it cannot be corrected or if it costs me any karma, to please honor my intention and to destroy the magic – that way our intention is in alignment with the highest good. so you could go into sacred space and present everything you had done to the Creator and ask for it to be corrected and for your intention to be honored and if it costs any karma or is not in alignment with the highest good, for your intention to be honored and for the work to be destroyed. then close sacred space. i always do this whenever i do any magic. i call it the sacred insurance policy. here is a video about this subject if you want to learn more. lotsa love and blessings of goodness to you, Marianne 🙂

  5. Fly says:

    rianne. Time has passed and wonderful thing as have happen.
    I owe it to you for your help and for listening to me which gave me
    Guidance like I never had. The last thing you told me to remember that
    Gifts are good and theyve grownup. Practically every time I go to work I reading someone
    Unexpectedly. I’d walk into a room, and get close in range to someone probably like 3 feet away and
    I swear if someone is thinking if a song I’ll sing the exact same song in my head as they are thinking of it and it happens a lot with co workers and literally shocks every time and it happens often.
    Or I’ll start folding a shirt and someone at work asked me “what can you read for me or what do you see” my mind go blank for a second
    And it’s like a second flash of a daydream and it’ll be like a picture of what it relates to. I read traits for many years that was one thing I’m really really good at so I’m wonderin could that also be he reason too??
    Could a gift escalate a gift far enough to create another it’s like everything i get a new gidt and this seems to be the thing now it was different before and its precise ad another thing I feel like my grandmother is my spirit guide.
    And she is with me all the time .i still read tarot cards but now I see things without a tool. Is this to be expected is there a point where it doesn’t wear me out cause I struggle handling something like this and so many people asking for advice and this is all new to me I don’t know where to go with and I just need some of esteemed guidance to keep me from going out of my mind lol.. One thing that was really insane was one night at work a manager asked me “what do I see” and I remember telling her that where we were working she was not meant to be there for too long and I told her that she’s going to meet rich handsome young investor who was going to come in her life that would take her career to their level. This was during a close shift at my job I work in retail. U said i was clairvoyant and now I’m seeing it for myself.. I just want to say thank you but more importantly what should I should I be scared will it get stronger and get worst? Anything I can do I’m willing to try I’m still trading cards and haven’t been meditating but I iconcentrate on doing something y mind blank out and I see whatever is relevant at the time I’m questioned with something. Like a premonition but not touching anything. Sometimes I feel like I can hear people’s thoughts when I’m working and some Iif them know and are cool if it and I’ve read a lot of people in my job helping them spiritually so I just need you guidancee nothing in this world soothe setter than your genuine soul. It is always a privilege

    • magic says:

      hello! i am very happy to learn you are using your gift and your gifts are expanding and deepening to help others! and what you describe is exactly what happens – we disassociate and the mind goes blank, to the void, so we can receive the messages. so, you are absolutely developing your psychic talents very well. the clairvoyant talent will develop even deeper and will sometimes require you to interpret the visual image you get. when that happens and if you need help with the interpretation, it helps to share it with the person for whom it is meant and they will help you to interpret. also, with your gifts really taking off, you will want to chose when and for whom you read or to whom you open yourself. you will need to turn this off and on at will because it could get draining after a while to always be reading others. so, if you ever want to turn this off and on at will, learn how to open sacred space and always work in it; i get you are in sacred space most of the time anyway. if you do not want to read, in your mind, tell the guides, “NOT NOW PLEASE” and it will stop, just like that – all it will require is your will. if you are open all the time, it can be draining and if you are open and there are people who know how to cord into you, they can do that if you are not aware of it and it can drain off your vital energy. so, always allow the impressions only when you ask. you are ready to take charge of this now, so you pick when and for whom you read, not allow these impressions all the time because you will also need to be aware of the psychic events happening around you so you can protect yourself. you are absolutely right about the tarot cards – after reading these and using other tools, soon you will not need them, as you are describing now. the tarot and other psychic devices are just tools. they are wonderful for confirmation or for when you feel tired; it is nice to have these and sometimes people like to see the images, so you are ready to read others without the tarot – but have the cards ready just in case you either get a confusing image or you want confirmation or you need to focus. you seem to be doing very well! now, here is another talent you have and could try, if you like. automatic writing! write down a question you want the answer to and then go to that blank place in your mind. write down the answer you get, no visual, nothing, just write and the writing will flow. i am getting that you have this talent and could do these types of questions for people, destinies of areas, towns, weather and future events as well as forgotten historical events, like Atlantis. It is so wonderful hearing from you and i look forward to learning more of your expanding talents – be prepared, your gifts will grow deeper and you will need to learn to psychically protect yourself and keep your energy strong because your services are needed. Also, use the telepathic gifts as a guidance tool; learn to turn these off as well. too much incoming information can also drain a person, so don’t be too open all the time – practice shutting this off and on. you will not lose your gifts. if you do not learn to do this, in time when you are in a crowd, the incoming information will be overwhelming and you will make yourself vulnerable to psychic attack, so protect yourself. Do not be scared, you just have to learn to modulate when and where and for whom you open up to. additionally, make sure you are giving yourself some down time from all of this – once people know you have this gift, they will want you to read for them all the time. you will need to learn to charge people – there must be an exchange, even if it is a favor. you could say, “ok, i will tell you what i see, but you must do something for me because that is how it works.” and it could be something as simple as buying a cup of coffee or running an errand or payment with cash. it keeps the energy clean. you cannot allow yourself to always be open and give, achieve balance. you are doing so well with all of this. remember you are never alone and you are loved dearly! i am so happy you are growing with your spiritual gifts! thank you for your contribution and for your comment. i will look forward to hearing more of how you are doing. big blessings of everything happy! Lotsa love, MArianne

  6. Fly says:

    I mean to say tarot cards for traits sorry for the typos :
    Every thing means every year
    Trading is reading cards
    Setter is better

    Sorry and thanks again

    • magic says:

      hello again, your message was perfectly well presented and i hope my response was helpful to you. love and blessings! Marianne

  7. Suzie says:

    Hello Marianne, I have ave recently tuning in to your wonderful educational youtube videos to help educate myself on using crystal and start to work with them on a deeper level. So thank you for putting the wonderful information out there. So recently i have become the owner of two beautiful sceptre’s and was watching your video online and should have done my research before playing with them i picked on up and had a pain in my head so went around my head with the intention to get rid of any negative energy surrounding it for outer abounding source it was only brief but i did it none the less then darted watching video 2 of sceptres and hear you say its an area you never touch now i feel uneasy have i cut my cord if yes can i reconnect it and how to do so?

    Thank you for everything you do. Also I’m starting to make my own shaman wands with crystals and was wanting to attach one of the beautiful clear quarts sceptres i have is this a good idea or something that should be left alone as they are?

    Thank you once again

    • magic says:

      hello Suzie! and Welcome! i am thrilled you found Underworldclassroom and are enjoying the educational videos. don’t worry about using the scepter over that area because if you cut the cord, you would know it! this technique to sever the cord requires a particular angle and i always say to avoid that area as a preventative. next time just be careful. the fabulous news is that you got a result, so you have the talent! good! if you did sever the cord, you would feel faint and very weak. the way to correct this, which i will do a video about – if that ever happened, you would use a laser wand to raise the kundalini through the crown and out, then use the breath and hands and blunt side of a crystal laser to seal the cord and the patient would need to lay still for about 45 minutes afterwards to let the energy settle. water would be recommended to drink afterwards just to clear things and help ground the patient as this could produce a disassociated state in the patient. this is a very good question! we should always know what to do if something happens, just in case.

      you could certainly put a scepter at the end of a wand and this would be a very good tool for kundalini stimulation – depending upon the design of the wand – you may not be able to get a good energy scan – it would all depend upon the way the wand is designed. remember the energy will flow from blunt end to tip, so if you have energy flowing back to you, it might interfere. however, if you used double terminated crystals along the wand, that could work. also, the material for the wand would make a difference – for example, if it is wood, it would depend upon the metaphysical properties of the wood. Keep in mind to study the metaphysical properties and flow of energy so that the wand works according to your intentions.

      Thank you so much for contributing to the comments and please feel free to ask questions anytime.

      Blessings of all that is good,

  8. Aida Farhat says:

    Hello , I am interested in the services you offer, would you please let me know how much past life regression session would be as well soul integration.
    Thankyou kindly,


    • magic says:

      hello Aida,

      go to the home page and hover over the “About Marianne” – a drop down will appear and click on the “contact Marianne” prompt. since these matters are personal, please send me an email about this and we can discuss it privately. thank you for your interest.

      Many Blessings,

  9. Gerald says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I got a chance to buy from another crystal owner who is selling her own elestials crystals. She had been using for quite awhile. I saw a piece which is quite large. But i was wondering if i were to cleanse the same way you shared in your videos. Is elestial very difficult to do cleansing? Is there any other suggestion? Secondly there is small gaps in between the elestial. The sea salt might trap in there. What do you suggest?

    • magic says:

      i love elestial crystals! they are ancient consciousnesses from Lemuria. Some were in the healing temples and universities, so there is a lot of access to information and ancient technology with elestials. i would recommend using the sea salt and rosemary method for at least 3 days and nights; however, i have found with elestials, sometimes i have allowed them to sit for 3 moons, changing the sea salt and rosemary every new moon. you can test with a pendulum or your intuition when you think the elestial is ready to come out. you will know. it is so hard to let it stay with the sea salt and rosemary for so long because i know the desire to connect to elestsials is powerful, but follow what you get when the time is right. yes, the sea salt can get caught in openings – i like to rinse it off in water after i take it out….you can use a spray in the sink to rinse or dissolve the salt. many elestials were taken to atlantis and they got infected with implants or they were “locked down” and the sea salt and rosemary clears these concerns. once i put an elestial in sea salt and rosemary for 3 moons and when i took it out, it had 6 enhydros in it, all very obvious. these were not there before the crystal was cleansed. so the crystal can change from this clearing to its healed and highest state. this is such an excellent question. thank you. many blessings to you, marianne

      • Gerald says:

        Hi Marianne,
        Thank you for your reply and commitment in answering questions. I love the info you shared. I would also like to know how do we recongise if we had work with the particular elestial in our past lives before? How do we know if the elestials is young or very old elestials? I had enjoy to work with one of my clear elestial, which maybe a young one.

        • magic says:

          hello Gerald,

          i just found your comment – so sorry it took so long to respond. great you are enjoying this information. generally, most elestials are ancient, very ancient and go back to Lemuria. and usually if a crystal that old finds its way into your keeping, you most likely worked with it in Lemuria – but not always. if you have worked with a crystal before, you will want to work with it, have it near you, wonder about it, think about it, want to know its mysteries…it will feel strangely familiar to you. if you feel these things, you most likely have worked with it before. i have many elestials and only feel this way about two of them. when i found one of the, i could not put it down and i carried it all around the store and when i got home, it is with me most of the time….the other one i have to handle and i keep gazing into it and wondering about it…that kind of connection means we have had the crystal before. with elestials, they are either very very ancient, from the Star Nations or old….a young one would be planted by the Star NAtions, so it gives you that connection to the overworld. i hope this is helpful and thank you so much for your comment and questions. many blessings to you, MArianne

  10. Cristina says:


    My name is Cristina and I looooove your videos!!! Thank you so much for your time that you spend to do them.

    I love your videos about thought forms as I started to learn about.
    Could you advice me how to pull in the energy of a crystal grid to do a thought form without using my own energy please?
    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards

    • magic says:

      hello Cristina!

      i am so glad you are enjoying the videos!

      i would be happy to help you. i don’t understand what you are wanting to do. do you want to absorb the energy of a crystal grid? what do you mean when you say, “pull in the energy without doing a thought form?” are you wanting to infuse energy into the grid? please explain more about what you are wanting to do and i will be happy to help if i can.

      thanks so much.
      lotsa love, Marianne

  11. Hello, I’m a star seed with 2 star children and an earth born husband /partner. I watched your video on star beings and partners and I agree it has many querks and is lonely many times. I am grateful for your information . Please explain what you refer to as the galactic nursery. Thanks Julianna Quijano

    • magic says:

      hello! hello! yes, the galactic nursery is where new souls are born, brand new creations, never incarnated anywhere. in this nursery, there are guardians and nurturers who love these new souls and help them mature and prepare them for incarnation. it is a beautiful place of brand new souls. i hope this answers your question. many blessings and lotsa love, MArianne

  12. Ian says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I’ve been watching your youtube videos and they’re really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    I have been wondering why I’m attracted to double or triple crystal formations, either small or large pieces. I’m drawn to them for some reason. Perhaps you might have some ideas.

    Blessings of light,

    • magic says:

      hello! sometimes we are drawn to particular formations – i know i love love love elestials! i allowed these to come into my keeping, not knowing why….not that i am teaching, i realize the elestials have information and access to information to help me on this mission…so if you are attracted to double and triple crystal formations, allow these consciousnesses to come in to your keeping….the reason will be revealed…it is wonderful how crystals find us and this speaks to your mission….seeing beyond duality (2) to integration(3). tesla said, ” if you understand 3 you understand the universe” it was something like that…so i suspect these crystals will offer you great understanding when the time is right…lotsa love, Marianne

  13. Mojo says:

    I am so grateful for your wisdom! Thank you for being brave and reaching out to share your insights. I have experienced many break throughs by listening to you youtube channel. Infinite love, light and blessings to you.

    • magic says:

      hello and thank you so much for taking the time to watch the videos and comment!! i am so happy you are finding these vids helpful! you absolutely made my day! i look forward to hearing more from you! lotsa blessings of everything good! Marianne

  14. Tracey Maestro says:

    Thank you so much for all your amazing vid is and teachings . I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
    I am inquiring about the pinnacle crystal mentioned in a video.
    Thanks again
    Tracey Maestro

    • magic says:

      hi Tracey, i was taking bids for that crystal. if you are looking for a particular crystal, let me know and i will try to find it for your. thank you! lotsa love and blessings, Marianne

  15. Carmen Renee Lindsey says:

    Hello. I am interested n purchasing he ascension crystal. Im not sure how you can decide who the crystal wants. Please inform me of the price and your method of choosing for the lovely crystal. I sleep with a 12.8 pound pink Lemurian and I have many crystals. I am not wealthy and have to work, but I believe that the crystals are intelligent sources of love and light and require a safe home. Just like people and pets. I am trying to give safe harbor to these and I rarely how them or allow others to interact with them. Sometimes a crystal will ask for another home. I’ve ever sold one, only gifted to like minded souls. Good luck in finding the one for this crystal. I really enjoy your perspective and knowledge.

    • magic says:

      hello Carmen and thank you for your comment! good you sleep with the pink lemurian, remember to occasionally cleanse it! i was taking bids on that crystal, it was a silent auction. yes, crystals will chose their keepers and you are wise to not allow anyone to interact with your crystals because it could impress unwanted energy into your crystal. thank you so much for your comment! lotsa love and blessings, Marianne

  16. Simona says:

    I need your help ASAP please

  17. Teresa brown says:

    May i ask any advice you can give me on how i can become a dragon master as i am guided to work with dragon energy and was drawn to asking you for help
    I have also been drawn to lemurian and atlanis to work with also and i believe i have atlantean crystal containing much information that drew me to buy her (sorry i call it her ), i feel as though there is a high priestess sourceress feel to the crystal
    Can you please offer me any advice on these subjects and working with these energies x

    • M Sarchino says:

      this is such a great question. one does not become a dragon master – one is a dragon master! if you are guided to work with dragon energy, it would make sense you have the talent; however, talent must be developed…it is like playing a piano – one does not become a pianist, one has the talent and one develops the art with practice, practice and practice. you are right, crystals do not have genders, but they can have diva consciousnesses, magician consciousnesses, etc. first clear your crystal in sea salt and rosemary for at least 3 days and nights. check and make sure the crystal is cleansed. then practice the art of holding focus, portal magic, and manifestation magic…and elemental magic. these are the magics related to dragon magic. as you learn the skill of these energies, you will automatically understand how to work with dragon magic – but when you conjure and summon the dragons, you must make certain these dragons are not bewitched or coming to you from another lifetime you had in Atlantis, where you knew these arts. always work in sacred space. dragon magic when it comes at you moves very slowly and can be tenacious in essence. also develop your 3rd eye, psychic vision – dragon masters are dragon sighted…you and the dragon become one. as you develop your psychic vision, you will claim more of your power. i hope this is helpful. thank you so much for this excellent question. lotsa blessings.

  18. Ellen Abramson says:

    Hi Marianne
    Thank you for your generous sharings and all of the information you share, for the love you give freely to all of us.
    I came to explore this morning the difference between the infinite and eternal in the universal applications/expressions as well as in timelines and dimensions.
    I found and saw how the infinity waves and eternity waves overlap to create oneness with source. iI received some information I am exploring as I continue to ask more questions.
    I am wondering if you have any responses to this and
    how this may or may not show up for you.
    Thank you so much for all you are and do.
    With love and appreciation

    • M Sarchino says:

      hello Ellen! thank you for your message!! yes, there is an alignment of dimensions when perceiving from the Eternal Now. i did a video about this topic that you might enjoy. here’s the link to it:

      from our linear reality of duality, we have no word to really describe it, but what you are experiencing is the eternal now, from which all dimensions may be accessed. i see it more as an access point from the ever present reality. the between of everything, where all magic happens because it is the space between the dimension or dots. i hope this makes some sense.

      thank you so much for participating at Underworldclassroom and looking forward to hearing more from you.

      lotsa love and blessings,

  19. Fay says:

    Hi, Gerald Frank said that you may be able to help me.


    • M Sarchino says:

      hello Fay!

      Gerald Frank is a fabulous source to purchase crystals – he has the best crystals! i will be happy to help you! you may post a comment here or you can email me at the contact Marianne prompt or at i look forward to hearing from you.

      lotsa blessings of everything good,

    • M Sarchino says:

      hello Fay,

      i will be happy to help you. you can post a comment here or to reach me, go to the Contact Marianne prompt and email me personally if you like.

      Gerald Frank has the best crystals at the best prices, so you have an excellent source at gwgems

      looking forward to hearing from you,
      lotsa blessings, Marianne

  20. Sam G says:

    Hello, hope you are well, I have yet another question for you about crystals: would the variability of their shape, size, polish, or cut ever possibly give or take away from their effectiveness so to speak? I’m curious because I got a herkimer diamond ring for my significant other, and I understand they are a special type of quartz, being double terminated and naturally faceted. But the stone on this ring has bern drilled , kind of diagonally, clean through it for the wire attaching it. So would that take away from its energy or anything like that? I really hope not and I hope she likes it lol.

    • M Sarchino says:

      hello and what a fabulous question. it is the destiny of crystals to be cut or polished or drilled – so it does not take away from the energy whatsoever!! enjoy the ring!

  21. Brad says:

    Hi! I’d like to register, if applicable. I am interested in hearing more please. I saw you first time this morning on Alexandra’s daily news blog.and enjoyed jyour candid proactive msg about “do something”. Reminds me of one of my leading heros sayings/Wayne Dyer: ” if it is to be- it is up to me.”

    Love and light,

    (65 and just learning. I know I have a contract, just haven’t figured what it is! 👍)

    • M Sarchino says:

      thank you so much, Brad! yes, we have “to do” something and there is plenty to be done, that’s for sure! well, you most likely are on the 1st wave of volunteers! ty for being on the planet at this time!! lotsa love and blessings, Marianne

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